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Brief History

As a member of gene nation he grew up in the Darwinist world of “the hill” ruled over by the mad mutant Mikhail Rasputin. It is unknown if he was in anyway involved in the first wave of gene nationals who arrived on earth to kill humans on the eve of the mutant massacre or if he was one of the many transported from the hill by Mikhail under threat from the morlocks former leader Storm.

What is known is that he was involved in the ambush of Emma Frost and Nate Grey’s rescue attempt of Generation x. In the battle he fared well against his opponents once dispatching Nate grey and Synch with his powers even though he was ultimately defeated. Its unknown if he died in the ensuing explosion or if he lost his powers on M-Day.


As a being of pure mathematical probability he was entirely transparent and almost invisible. This also granted him phasing ability since he had no substance or mass. His powers were a form of tactile telepathy where he would send a series of numbers to an opponents mind disrupting their thoughts and preventing them from using their powers. 

Physical attributes

Eyes: none 
Hair: none
Height: none 
Weight: none 

Alternate realities

He has not appeared in any alternate realities to date. 

Other media

He has not appeared in any other medium besides comics.    


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