Inspectre Viktor Zadek

    Character » Inspectre Viktor Zadek appears in 11 issues.

    Inspectre Viktor Zadek was once the Psi-Korps most feared Judges after his role in crushing the Salyut secession...

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    ...but the horrors of Block Mania tortured all the psychics in East-Meg One. Zadek decided that Marshall Kazan's obscene regime must be stopped at any cost.

    He nearly succeeded, but Kazan's bodyguards managed to stop him. Zadek was sent to Gulag 101 in the Siberian Wastes. This self-sufficient facility was reserved for those dissidents who especially angered the Marshall. It was run by Direktor Eva Primakova, a sadistic disciple of Kazan. It was a living hell...

    Meanwhile Kazan launched the Apocalypse War, which ultimately led to the nuking of East-Meg One. Since then, relations between East-Meg Two and Mega-City One have gradually thawed. There is even some co-operation between the two mightiest nations on Earth.

    Now East-Meg Two is trying to build a new city from the ashes of the past. But a powerful Psi is needed to help lay the ghosts of the past. The search proves fruitless until the discovery of Gulag 101's existence.

    When the Judges enter the facility, the order is given by Primakova to kill all the prisoners, except Zadek. All the dead bodies are dumped in the pit, but Zadek is thrown in alive - a final piece of torture from Primakova. But Zadek communes with the spirits and raises their bodies like zombies and attacks the guards that have tortured him for years.

    In a final battle, Zadek kills Primakova and sets off the self-destruct on Gulag 101. At the last minute he is rescued by the East-Meg Judges. When the Gulag explodes, Viktor Zadek is the only survivor.

    Re-instated as an East-Meg Psi-Korp Judge, it's Zadek's job to lay the ghosts of the past to rest, or die trying.

    Viktor Zadek appears in the Judge Dredd Megazine story The Inspectre, created by Kevin Walker and Jim Campbell.


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