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    Half Machine, Half Human.The super cop of Rajnagar police department

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    Inspector Steel is a cyborg that is a humanoid being with both biological and robotic elements. He is a cyborg, heavily armed with advanced weaponry and cannot be harmed by present day and normal weapons.


    Amar is an inspector in the Indian Police Force who is very diligent about his duties. But after an accident, most of his vital organs and major body parts were damaged and lost. In order to save Amar`s life, his brain was transplanted into a mechanical and robotic body, turning Amar into a cyborg and bionic being. The whole process of the transplant was conducted by Professor Anees, his friend. Thus Inspector Steel was created whose sole aim is to uphold the law and protect the innocent.

    Inspector Steel is 450 kg of advanced armour plating, chips, ICs, advanced assembly of weapon systems and technical process. Amar`s brain is the only human part left in him, which is connected to the rest of the systems. Steel conducts his operations in the area of Raj Nagar. Amongst his known friends, Anis, a surgeon and scientist is his closest friend who found him injured and saved his life by putting his brain into a cybernetic body. Lalita, who is a college girl, is considered to be his girlfriend. And a man named Mechanic, who hates machines, is one of his arch enemies.


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