Insector Haga

    Character » Insector Haga appears in 15 issues.

    Japanese champion at Duel monsters, cheater and early rival of Yugi Muto.

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    Insector Haga, or Weevil Underwood as he is known in the English anime, is a regional champion duelist who specialized in insect monsters. He is also a major cheater.

    Haga met Yugi on the boat to Duelist Kingdom, and asked if he could hold Yugi's Exodia cards. Yugi let him, and Haga threw them overboard. Jonouchi jumped into the water to retrieve them, but only managed to find two.

    Once on the island, Haga and Yugi dueled, and Yugi won. Jonouchi took Haga's dueling glove from him and made it his own.

    In Battle City, Haga tricked a street kid into stealing Jonouchi's duel disk (while he had it, the kid slipped a parasite card into Jonouchi's deck), and then had the kid tell Jonouchi that Haga was waiting to duel him by the fountain. Jonouchi had a hard time dueling Haga because of the parasite card in his deck, but he managed to defeat him anyway.


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