Insect Queen

    Character » Insect Queen appears in 39 issues.

    An insectoid alien villain, Insect Queen is based in the silver age Lana Lang identity.

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    Insect Queen is a supervillian created by Kurt Busiek and Peter Vale and it is inspired in the Insect Queen identity used by Lana Lang in the Silver Age Superboy comics.


    The Insect Queen was born and raised among the All-Hive, a race of insectoid aliens. She gathered some followers around her, and in order to prevent her from usurping the throne from the current Queen, she and her followers were sent to Earth to start a new colony

    Major Story Arcs


    Arriving on Earth, the Insect Queen soon forms an alliance with Lex Luthor. In exchange for his assistance in taking over the Earth, the Insect Queen provides drones to help him search for Kryptonite, as well as transforming workers on Luthor's moonbase into insectoid beings. Later, upon finding Lana Lang in charge of LexCorp, the Insect Queen abducts her and transports her to the Moon. There, she assumes a version of Lana's appearances, but retains some insectoid features. She captures Superman when he attempts to rescue Lana, establishing telepathic control over him. She is defeated when Lana rescues Superman and he encases the Insect Queen in an amber-like substance, placing her in suspended animation


    In their last encounter, the Insect Queen had inserted a portion of her DNA into Lana's body, and spent the greater part of a year slowly asserting her control over Lana's body. She finally manages to take over Lana, and uses her body to attack and capture Supergirl. She reveals to her captive her intent to use Kryptonian DNA to create a powerful insect army. She is defeated when Supergirl escapes her clutches and expels her from Lana's body.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Insect Queen is capable of flight and telepathy. She also secretes a narcotic substance. She is able to metamorphose herself so long as she has a genetic template upon which to base her transformation.


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