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Insect Man is cop who became a hero after becoming disillusioned by the lack of competence in the police department. He claims that as a police officer he could never do the stuff he is allowed to do as a superhero now. On his first mission with new member Kick-Ass, along with the rest of Justice Forever they broke up a human trafficking organization.

Kick Ass 2

Colonel Stars Death

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Along with the rest of Justice Forever, Insect Man morns the death of Colonel Stars's brutal muder by The Mother Fucker.

Battle of Times Square

Insect Man and Justice Forever, with the dozen of other heroes Kick-Ass contacted is seen together again facing off The Toxic Mega Cunts. Where they manage to defeat The Mother Fucker. Until the police shows up and arrest costumed man and woman, Insect Man was got arrested shortly after the battle,as he was being pushed into a Armored Truck. Insect Man and the rest of the Heroes were being cheered on by the crowd, chanting to let the heroes go.

Powers and Abilities

Insect Man does not possesses superpowers but is a formidable fighter due to being a former police officer. His weapon of choice is a Baseball Bat/Black Club which he has only used once so far.

Other Media

Television & Film

Nightbitch and Insect Man
Nightbitch and Insect Man

Insect Man will be played by British Actor Robert Emms in Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall.


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