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Alongside his partner, Hijack, Input was given the job of dismantling the Omega Machine and transporting it out of San Fransisco after the events of Utopia. The last thing that either of them expected was to face off against the X-man, Gambit, on their relatively routine mission. After Hijack was blown apart at the beginning of the fight, the "Initiative B-lister" swiftly dispatched the Cajun. While exploring the recesses of Gambit's mind, Input came across something "growing" in his hind-brain that was asleep and dreaming of the would-be conqueror, Apocalypse. Despite Gambit's protests, he provided the push necessary to awaken the cluster of retooled cells, releasing the Horseman Death from  Remy Lebeau's subconscious.
Input is presumed to have been killed at this point, as his body was absorbed into one of Death's cards. However, this has not been confirmed, as Gambit's powers in this form have not been fully explored. 


Input possesses telepathy, though as he himself stated he is not as powerful as more notable psychics, like Emma Frost. "No mind control. No post- hypnotic commands. Just a little nudge hear and a whisper there;" his powers are just strong enough that he is able to "cover his tracks," allowing him to seemingly teleport, and fool others into thinking he is somewhere that he is not. The most accurate way to describe his powers would be as illusory. 
Input also has the ability access the minds of individuals, as he demonstrated by doing so to Gambit. It has been stated that all X-men possess psychic defenses, though it is unclear if this is still true for Remy. We cannot be sure how powerful Input truly was. 
It is safe to assume that Input does not possess an X-gene, as he referred to Gambit as "mutie," during their fight.

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