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    Ino Yamanaka is a headstrong ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 10 as their medic, Ino is a member of the Yamanaka-Clan of Konoha. She uses a family ninja technique that can control the minds of her enemies. She is married to Sai and had a son with him named Inojin.

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    Ino defends Sakura
    Ino defends Sakura

    Ino was a popular girl in the Ninja Academy in the Konohagakure. Still, she defended Sakura Haruno as she was often bullied and teased for her awkward looks. Ino befriended Sakura and gave her a pink ribbon for her hair. The pair had been fast friends for much of their lives until they had both developed a crush for the same boy, Sasuke Uchiha. This created a rift between them, and they soon became bitter rivals.


    Naruto Vol. 4 JPN (Oct 2000)
    Naruto Vol. 4 JPN (Oct 2000)

    Ino Yamanaka (山中いの, Yamanaka Ino) is a supporting character of the Naruto series that was created by Masashi Kishimoto, It first began serialization Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. She was first introduced during the Chūnin Exam Arc, which began in Volume 4.

    She first appeared in Naruto Volume 4, CH. 34 "Intruders?".

    Character Evolution

    Ino's name comes from the word 猪 (inoshishi), which mean "wild boar". Sakura uses this meaning when insulting Ino to call her a "pig". In the first character poll taken on the popularity of the series characters, Ino placed 30th, but in following polls she would peak at 14th.

    Major Story Arcs

    Chūnin Exam Arc

    Asuma Sarutobi, Ino, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi's jonin master, had nominated them to take part in the Chūnin Exam. The first part was a written test, and Ino used her mind-body switch technique on Sakura to copy her answers then pass them along to Shikamaru and Choji. After passing the first part, they were sent to the Forest of Death for part two of the exam. Inside the forest, Ino and her team witnessed Sakura being attacked by Sound Ninja while she fought alone to defend Naruto and Sasuke. Rather than abandoning them, Ino elected to help save Sakura.

    At the center of the forest, they held some preliminaries to thin the field for the final part. Ino was paired against Sakura. They two had a fierce hand-to-hand match, but Ino was able to trap Sakura in her possession jutsu. However, Sakura was able to break free before Ino could force Sakura into forfeiting. The battle between the two ended in a double KO, and they were both failed form the exam. Though, this fight helped them start to patch things between them and renew their broken friendship.

    Invasion of Konoha Arc

    Near the end of the Chūnin Exam, the Sound Village and Sand Villages had united to attack Konohagakure. Ino was among the crowd at the stadium that was put to sleep by the enemy.

    Sasuke Retrieval Arc

    Ino only learned about how Sasuke had betrayed the village to side with Orochimaru after the fact. Shikamaru and Choji had been on the team to try and retrieve him, and Choji had returned seriously injured. Ino went to the hospital to visit Choji.

    Sasuke and Sai Arc

    Over two years had passed since Naruto had left the village to train, and Ino ran into him soon after she found Shikamaru and Choji. He had been looking for people to join his team, but they had a mission of the own. Ino later got to meet Naruto and Saukra's new team member, Sai, after they returned from their mission.

    Hunting the Immortals Arc

    Ino and Choji both went to back up Shikamaru and Asuma in their fight with Hidan and Kakuzu, two members of the Akatsuki; but they were too late to help Asuma. His final words to Ino is that she shouldn't let herself lose to Sakura in ninjutsu or romance. Ino and Choji later joined Shikamaru to hunt the two down. Tsunade originally refused to let them leave until Kakashi Hatake agreed to join them.

    Ino used her jutsu to possess some birds to find the pair, but Shikamaru felt her techniques were too risky in the fight. Shikamaru eventually led Hidan deeper into the woods as part of their plan, and Naruto, Sakura and Sai joined Ino's segment to finally kill Hidan.

    Invasion of Pain Arc

    During Pain's attack on the village, Ino rushed to warn her father, Inoichi. She could only witness as one of the Six Paths of Pain attacked and pulled the life force out of Shizune's body. Ino stayed with her father and Shizune's body as Naruto returned to save the village. After Naruto was able to turn Nagato, he used his resurrection technique to revive all of the lives he stole. Shizune was returned, and Ino was among those celebrating Naruto's victory.

    Five Kage Summit Arc

    In the wake of Pain's invasion, the Konohagakure received word from Kumogakure that Sasuke had attacked them and abducted Killer Bee, the Fourth Raikage's brother, while working for the Akatsuki. The protections on Sasuke had been lifted by Danzo Shimura, and Sasuke was now an internationally wanted criminal with a kill on sight order. Shikamaru called together a meeting of their graduation class to discuss the need to kill Sasuke themselves to prevent any more retaliation. Ino took this news harder than most.

    Fourth Shinobi World War Arc

    During the Fourth Shinobi World War against the Akatsuki, Ino was in the Fifth Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji helped Darui in his fight with Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Ino saves Shikamaru from Kinkaku as he nearly broke free of Shikamaru's hold, then she forced Kinkaku respond to Darui to capture him inside his own Kohaku no Jōhei technique. She escaped from his body before she was captured and sealed.

    Rather than fight the revived Kakuzu, Shikaku Nara, Shikamaru's father, instructed them to focus their fight on Asuma, who had also been revived by the Akatsuki. Ino had to force the reluctant Choji to fight with their former teacher until Shikamaru was able to talk some sense into him. She then used her Mind Clone Switch Technique on two White Zetsu in the fight to seal Asuma.

    After the appearance of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, the White Zetsu changed their plan of attack by morphing into memebrs of the alliance. Ino then followed Shikamaru's plan to draw a circle around themselves and not step out while they waited for reinforcements. When a shadow clone of Naruto appeared, he gained control of the power of the Nine-Tails and was able to spot the fakes.

    Ten-Tails Revival Arc

    Konoha Ninja Attack the Ten Tails
    Konoha Ninja Attack the Ten Tails

    The Shinobi Alliance had unified behind Naruto after dealing with all the White Zetsu clones. He was already in a heated fight with Obito Uchiha, who had been impersonating Madara; and the real Madara Uchiha as they were beginning to revive the Ten Tails. Ino was able to capture Obito and force him to divert the Ten Tails attack to save their lives, but he quickly broke free. During the battle, Shikamaru and Ino both lost their fathers when Obito later targeted the base they were located at. Through Ino's father, they had both spoke to Ino and Shikamaru to pass on their final words along with a battle plan.

    When the previous revived Hokage appeared with Sasuke, they all banded together to stop the Ten-Tails. Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji combined tier forces. As Naruto, Sasuke, and the Hokages took the lead in the battle. Ino used her abilities to help Shikamaru relay messages to the Shinobi Alliance.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ino is a specialist in the clan jutsu known as 'The Mind body switch technique (Shintenshin no Jutsu)' which is a guarded secret of her clan (the Yamanaka).

    Mind And Body Transfer Jutsu

    She also possesses a technique that allows her to manipulate her opponents in any way she wishes: including making them attack their own allies. The opponent is left helpless, but fully aware of their own actions.

    It is also safe to assume she possesses the standard powers taught to a Konoha Shinobi that they are required to know to graduate the academy: Shadow Clone Technique, Transformation Technique.

    She has also been learning medical techniques, such as "Mystical Hand" where she creates an aura around her hand which accelerates the healing process of herself and others.

    Jutsu Stats

    Ninja's are ranked by their proficiency with the various types of jutsu and other statistics. The score rates as a best out of five and are added up in a total score. (source: First, Second, and Third Third Naruto Databook)

    NinjutsuTaijutsuGenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedStaminaHand SealsTotal


    Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village

    Rank: Chunin

    Registered Ninja #: 012604

    Date Of Birth: September 23rd

    Age: 16

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Height: 162.2cm

    Weight: 46.0kg

    Blood Type: B

    Completed Assignments:

    • D-Rank 23 / C-Rank 9 / B-Rank 6 / A-Rank 2 / S-Rank 0

    Other Media


    On top of being a character in the main Masashi Kishimoto Naruto manga, Ino also appears in a gag-spinoff manga that stars Rock Lee and others in chibi design. The series is titled Rock Lee Seishun Fullpower Ninden (ロック・リー青春フルパワー忍伝, Rokku Rī Seishun Furupowaa Ninden) and it written and illustrated by Kenji Taira. It began publication in Shueisha's Super Strong Jump magazine on December 2010.


    Naruto (2002)

    The Naruto anime series is the first direct adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto's original manga. It's produced by Studio Pierrot and first began airing in October 3, 2002. The series lasted for 220 episodes. The last of which aired on February 8, 2007, and it was then followed by the direct equal, Naruto Shippuden. Ino's first anime appearance was in Naruto - Episode 1 "He Appears! Naruto Uzumaki". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Ryouka Yuzuki, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media is done by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

    Naruto Shippuden (2007)

    The Naruto Shippuden anime series is the second direct adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto's original manga. This series is produced by Studio Pierrot and first began airing in February 15, 2007. Ino's first appearance in this series is in Naruto Shippuden Episode 34 "Formation! New Team Kakashi!", which aired on November 15, 2007. Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Ryouka Yuzuki, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media is done by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

    In the seventh Naruto Shippūden opening, "Toumei Datta Sekai (透明だった世界)" performed by Motohira Hata, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata are shown fighting Konan of the Akatsuki in a non-canon battle.

    NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (2012)

    The NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals (NARUTO-ナルト- SD ロック・リーの青春フルパワー忍伝 , NARUTO Sugoi Doryoku: Rokku Rī no Seishun Furupowā Ninden) is a short-comedy adaptation of the of the Naruto spin-off manga series, Rock Lee's Seishun Full Power Ninden. It's produced by Studio Pierrot and first began airing in April 3. 2012. While not a direct adaptation of the spin-off manga, it follows the same theme of chibi-style characters that focuses on Team 9 in wacky adventures and situations that frequently breaks the fourth wall.

    Ino's first appearance in this series is in NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Ep. 6 "The Leaf Village Sports Meet / Calvary Battles are pare of the Thrill of Youth", which aired on May 8, 2012. Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Ryouka Yuzuki, and the series has not been dubbed in English.




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