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An ancient being in the universe whose past is never revealed.

Character Evolution

Originally, Innocence was regarded as a spiritual guide to Sela and Samantha Darren. She often spoke in vague terms and prophecies. Later, it was revealed she was one of the original Keepers. Since then, her role became more and more clear, though she stayed an enigma, because her origin was never told.

Major Story Arcs

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension

Betraying The Keepers' leader The Maker, Innocence sided with The Being as he remade The Keepers with handpicked beings he trusted. She stayed a member of The Keepers and saw the betrayal of Samantha and Zagreus as the latter killed fellow Keeper Jackie Hyde. She warned the Being of their complot to kill him. Warned, The Being was ready for them and fought back hard. But when Sela told The Being he was a failure, he stopped fighting back. Everything around him crumbled, leading to Innocence losing her powers and becoming trapped beneath rubble. Pleading to Samantha to save her, Samantha instead strangled Innocence, killing her.


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