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Innards is a member of HYDRA's D.O.A.- Department of Occult Armaments alongside Belial, Malpractice, Pyre and Rotwrap. D.O.A. would come into conflict with the Nightstalkers when they targeted Hannibal King to be a specimen for HYDRA when they planned to develop vampiric troopers.


Innards was created by D.G. Chichester and Ron Garney in 1992 and first appeared in Nightstalkers # 2.  

Major Story Arcs

Fear Itself- The Fearless

Innards and the rest of DOA reappear to do a simple recon mission for Sin as she attempts to retrieve the mystical hammers when they are scattered throughout the world after the Worthy and the Serpent are defeated. The DOA manage to place a spider shaped tracking device on Valkyrie as she attempts to retrieve the mystic hammers before they fall into the wrong hands. Crossbones would later lead an assault on the Raft with Innards and several members of DOA to retrieve the mystic hammer that Titania once held. Crossbones grabbed the hammer while Innards attempts to restrain and choke Luke Cage with his intestines. Cage breaks free so Innards grabs his teammate, Rotwrap and they begin to teleport away when Mach-V unleashes a salvo. The entire party returns back to Sin's hidden base but Innards and several members of DOA suffer from serious burns and injuries from the salvo attack.

Powers & Abilities

Innards possesses superhuman strength, durability and other various abilities due to his involvement with the occult and dark magic. Innards has the ability to pull out his organs from his body and use them for various offensive and defensive purposes. Innards has used his intestines to strangle and strike opponents, pulled out his stomach to use the stomach acid to burn through objects and removed his own heart to shoot blood at his enemy where they are disoriented from the adrenalin in the blood system.

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