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I gave it a shot, I really did. After Tom Taylor left I stuck through the rest of year three and up to this issue in year four and I cant take it anymore. I'm convinced Brian Buccellato has no idea what he's doing. It started with the "The Emperor Naps" now Batman (SPOILERS) forcing two former friends to fight to the death. Sure I can smell a scheme a mile away but I don't believe this world anymore. I don't believe Superman has created an oppressive regime under which Batman must try to stop him. It just looks like Batman is crazy and and has lost touch with reality. I dont even believe this battered broken, back against the wall Batman thats being portrayed. He still runs around as Bruce Wayne so things cant be that bad . . . Brian Buccellato needs to give this up give it to someone else. I'll save my $.99 each week until that happens.

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