Injustice: Gods Among Us #7

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The Good

You really didn't think the world would take a Superman dictatorship sitting down, did you? Chapter Seven puts the limelight on the United States Government and how they're reacting to Kal's new mindset. Writer Tom Taylor produces a sharp script ("Unless gravity malfunctioned!") and once again gives us an ending that'll leave us counting down the seconds until next Tuesday.

Fret not, there isn't a completely cliche plot using kryptonite to counter Big Blue here. Instead, Taylor brings in a character that no one would expect and executes a plan that leaves us wondering how Superman will react next. It's totally out of left field and I absolutely love it. It's a particularly dark tactic and it's disheartening to think the Government would do such a thing, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? After all, these are the same people that called five to ten innocent casualties "acceptable" a few pages earlier

While I do have some issues with the artwork, overall I think it's an enjoyable viewing experience (especially if you're going panel by panel on a mobile device). What really stood out to me was the stellar use of motion and impact. Twice, characters are struck across the face and both times you can really feel the impact thanks to some harsh use of rippling on the cheeks. The coloring is also great as Superman devastates a drone. The explosion contrasting the clear blue sky looks solid.

The Bad

Wonder Woman fans, don't check this out based on the cover! She may be taking up the entire cover but she's nowhere to be found in the pages of the issue. So please, don't only buy this one in hopes of a Wonder Woman focused story. That said, you should still buy it anyway. Why? Because it's awesome, that's why.

Jheremy Raapack's art is a bit rough at times, most notably with the faces. Superman felt a bit too bulky at times, particularly in the panel where he's flying at the drone (the chest symbol seems like it has too much depth). Also, when Superman enters the house it appears his cape is torn in one area, but I have no idea how that would have happened.

It isn't frequent, but every now and then character's eyes are missing pupils/irises and it makes said characters look especially creepy. I suppose that's fitting for a frightening take on Superman, but jarring when it happens to Pa Kent.

The Verdict

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US may be a short read but don't think for even a second that means it's lacking in content or quality. This digital comic can easily hold its own with some of the best comics out there. The characters are written exceptionally well and the plot continues to shock us each and every week. In my interview with Tom Taylor, he said he's "in for the long haul" with this series and hopes we are too. Well, I can confidently say I would love to see this comic carry on just as long as any other ongoing out there. Each issue is simply brilliant and you really shouldn't be missing out on this one.

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