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Injustice: Gods Among Us #34 – “Did Superman just really do that?”


Ever since I’ve been reading this series it has kept me in suspense and in shock about how Superman has turned out to the man that he is now. Also, I feel this issue has me torn at the inside of my heart.


After Superman beats Green Arrow to death, he gets into much anger about Batman stealing the super invulnerability pill. His parents try to talk to him about the way he’s been acting. But Superman still decided to go after him. So, now Batman is prepared to take on Superman alone.

The Good

As I read this issue it really made me hate the man Superman has become. I really think that is the point. So, I give positive points for that. Man, just seeing Superman kill Green Arrow to death was brutal and seeing the emotions of everyone was intense fully good!

The Bad

I honestly don’t know why Superman would have created this super invulnerability pill, because Superman isn’t the type to “make” stuff. I see that Batman would be more of the man to do this. It just seems pathetic how Batman would steal something to defeat Superman. Batman has created stuff to beat Superman all the time in other stories so it doesn’t make any sense. I am surprised that Superman didn’t even do anything to help Jonathan Kent to get rid of the arrow that’s stabbed on his shoulder. And why would Jonathan just stand there not in pain? He acted as if was nothing. I ‘m also surprised at how his parents didn’t have much authority on Superman especially Jonathan Kent and Jor-el have been known for that. I also can’t see how Catwoman would be brave enough to fight Superman.


I give this issue 3.5/7.5 out of 5/10 stars. Yes, that’s my score because I only liked the anger reactions that Superman had wanted to kill Batman. His dialogue was really hurtful and perfect. It just seems too strange for Superman not to help Jonathan Kent when it was the main reason he was at the Fortress of Solitude in the first place. Also, it would have been better to see more of a backlash argument from his parents because I feel they would be the least to be afraid of him. Just to watching Superman kill Green Arrow. I would see them at least jumping in and stop him. After seeing Man of Steel, I can’t just see Jor-el as a hologram anymore. (Laughs) I can’t even see Jonathan Kent because didn’t they just told us that he’s a fighter? Since he tried to fight the military men when they touched his wife.

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