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The ultimate boy scout experiences the ultimate loss and all will pay. 0

Superman is going to receive the shock of his life when Batman’s prime nemesis, the Joker, pays a visit to Metropolis and picks a feud with him, simply because he’s tired of constantly losing to Batman. The results are tragic, as Superman reaches his breaking point and soon the whole world will experience a change like nothing it has ever seen. -summaryBased on the 2013 fighting game of the same name. Injustice: Gods Among Us takes place in an alternate reality very similar to DC&rsq...

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Injustice: Tripe Among Us 0

Well, that could have gone better. Despite a few nice little moments here and there, this is a slapdash pile of nonsense that strains credulity to the breaking point faster than apparently the gossamer-threaded breaking points of all so-called heroes in the DC Universe. The initial premise, while not new, is interesting enough: what if Joker got tired of losing to Batman all the time and took on Superman? Apparently, Joker can defeat every single hero but Batman faster than a hummingbird can fla...

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