Initial D (Omnibus) #2

    Initial D (Omnibus) » Initial D (Omnibus) #2 - Vol. 2 released by Kodansha Comics USA on June 2024.

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    Is gripping truly king in racing? That is what Takeshi Nakazoto of the Myogi Night Kids wants to prove with his GT-R against Takumi Fujiwara's specially tuned Trueno Eight-Six. Mount Akina's downhill may not necessarily be that easy of a race, and an overpowered engine and inflated ego may turn a deadly corner. What's more, the racing scene is wondering if Takumi can replicate his drift skills on a run other than Mount Akina, while Takumi shows nascent signs of a racing obsession.


    • Ch. 22: Takumi's Full-Throttle Drive
    • Ch. 23: Follow that GT-R!!
    • Ch. 24: Battle at the Limit!
    • Ch. 25: Five Explosive Hairpins!
    • Ch. 26: Ultimate Control
    • Ch. 27: Enter Itsuki's Levin
    • Ch. 28: This Levin Races on the Power of Friendship!!
    • Ch. 29: Another Downhill Specialist
    • Ch. 30: Savage Shingo
    • Ch. 31: Takumi vs. Shingo
    • Ch. 32: Wild Deathmatch
    • Ch. 33: Ever-Evolving Genius!
    • Ch. 34: Shingo's Panic
    • Ch. 35: Counterattack! The True Essence of the Downhill
    • Ch. 36: The Ultimate Downhiller
    • Ch. 37: Takumi Spaces Out…Again
    • Ch. 38: Bunta's Casual Flex!!
    • Ch. 39: The White Comet! Rvosuke Takahashi Makes His Move
    • Ch. 40: Unexpected Tuning
    • Ch. 41: Takumi's Infuriating Girl Fever
    • Ch. 42: The Rivals Rev Up!
    • Ch. 43: The Date with Destiny: Takumi Races Off!

    Note: Digital edition of this volume released earlier on June 4, 2024



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