Initial D (Omnibus) #1

    Initial D (Omnibus) » Initial D (Omnibus) #1 - Vol. 1 released by Kodansha Comics USA on March 2024.

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    Takumi Fujiwara spends a lot of time behind the wheel. His tofu delivery job sends him racing down the treacherous roads of Mount Akina, and without even realizing it, Takumi has mastered racing techniques that take most drivers a lifetime to learn. Of course, none of his friends realize this. They’re all too busy watching the Akina Speed Stars, the local street racing team. When the legendary Red Suns show up to challenge the Speed Stars, the rival team obsesses over a phantom car, the Trueno Eight-Six, seen racing through the mountain roads. Who is the driver, and will they take on the dangerous challenge?

    This edition is still running in the ’90s but features a refreshed translation and lettering for the 2020s, as well as a special large size.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 1: Let's Buy an Eight-Six!
    • Chapter 2: The Rotary Brothers: Fastest of All!
    • Chapter 3: Ultimate Tofu Drift
    • Chapter 4: Iketani's Grim Choice!
    • Chapter 5: A Declaration of Revenge! The 13B's Howling Turbo
    • Chapter 6: Natsuki's Secret
    • Chapter 7: Iketani's Humiliating Crash!
    • Chapter 8: The "Friendly Battle" Begins!
    • Chapter 9: Howl of the 4A-G
    • Chapter 10: The Downhill Specialist
    • Chapter 11: Takumi's Blinding Speed
    • Chapter 12: Dogfight
    • Chapter 13: Showdown! Takumi's Secret Move
    • Chapter 14: The Vast, Wide Sea
    • Chapter 15: Showdown at the Summit!
    • Chapter 16: Iketani's Valuable Lesson
    • Chapter 17: A New Challenger!
    • Chapter 18: Takumi's Pride
    • Chapter 19: I'm Not Afraid of Any GT-R!
    • Chapter 20: Dammit, Pops, Gimme Back the Eight-Six!
    • Chapter 21: The GT-R's Weakness
    • Bonus Comic
    • Translation Notes


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    Story Arcs

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