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It's time to give Tak a rest after his sweep of Gunma's finest - time for K.T. Takahashi of the Red Suns and Zack Nakazato of the Night Kids to finish the grudge match they started in Volume 4. But it's a rainy night, and Nakamura's just itching for a fight, so Tak might have to take to the streets yet again. And who are those guys in the Lancer Evolution scoping out Gunma's racing action?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 66: K.T. Takahashi Has No Blind Spots
  • Chapter 67: The Uphill Smackdown
  • Chapter 68: The Clash of the Prides
  • Chapter 69: Power vs. Technique
  • Chapter 70: The Art of Cornering
  • Chapter 71: Reading the Weather
  • Chapter 72: The Man Who Shows No Fear
  • Chapter 73: Racing in the Rain
  • Chapter 74: Kids at Play
  • Chapter 75: Partial Showers in the Mountains
  • Chapter 76: The Genius That Knows No Bounds

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