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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 558: Quiet the First Stage (Part 1) (静かなる序盤 "Shizuka Naru Joban")
  • Chapter 559: Quiet the First Stage (Part 2) (静かなる序盤(後編) "Shizuka Naru Joban (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 560: Ryosuke Strategy (Part 1) (涼介の作戦 "Ryōsuke no Sakusen")
  • Chapter 561: Ryosuke Strategy (Part 2) (涼介の作戦(後編) "Ryōsuke no Sakusen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 562: White Devil (Part 1) (白い悪魔 "Shiroi Akuma")
  • Chapter 563: White Devil (Part 2) (白い悪魔(後編) "Shiroi Akuma (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 564: Zero Theory vs. Fastest Public Roads Theory (Part 1) (ゼロ理論vs.公道最速理論 "Zero Riron vs. Kōdō Saisoku Riron")
  • Chapter 565: Zero Theory vs. Fastest Public Roads Theory (Part 2) (ゼロ理論vs.公道最速理論(後編) "Zero Riron vs. Kōdō Saisoku Riron (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 566: Full Throttle (Part 1) (フルスロットル "Furu Surottoru")
  • Chapter 567: Full Throttle (Part 2) (フルスロットル(後編) "Furu Surottoru (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 568: Defeat of Zero (ゼロの敗北 "Zero no Haiboku")
  • Chapter 569: Dangerous Downhill (Part 1) (危険なダウンヒル "Kiken na Daunhiru")
  • Chapter 570: Dangerous Downhill (Part 2) (危険なダウンヒル(後編) "Kiken na Daunhiru (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 571: White Wing (白い羽 "Shiroi Hane")
  • Chapter 572: Start of Acceleration (Part 1) (はじめの加速 "Hajime no Kasoku")
  • Chapter 573: Start of Acceleration (Part 2) (はじめの加速(後編) "Hajime no Kasoku (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 574: Wings That Fly Over the Sky (天駆ける翼 "Ten Kakeru Tsubasa")
  • Chapter 575: Fujiwara Zone (Part 1) (藤原ゾーン "Fujiwara Zōn")







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