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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 503: Ryosuke's Advive (涼介の読み "Ryōsuke no Yomi")
  • Chapter 504: The First Phase Rocket (第一弾ロケット "Dai Ichi Dan Roketto")
  • Chapter 505: Pro At Sprints (スプリントのプロ "Supurinto no Puro")
  • Chapter 506: Artist vs. Athlete (Part 1) (職人vs.アスリート "Shokunin vs. Asurīto")
  • Chapter 507: Artist vs. Athlete (Part 2) (職人vs.アスリート(後編) "Shokunin vs. Asurīto (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 508: Phychological Battle (Part 1) (心理戦 "Shinri Sen")
  • Chapter 509: Phychological Battle (Part 2) (心理戦(後編) "Shinri Sen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 510: Braking Battle (Part 1) (ブレーキングバトル "Burēkingu Batoru")
  • Chapter 511: Braking Battle (Part 2) (ブレーキングバトル(後編) "Burēkingu Batoru (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 512: The Last Situation (Part 1) (最終局面 "Saishū Kyokumen")
  • Chapter 513: The Last Situation (Part 2) (最終局面(後編) "Saishū Kyokumen (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 514: The Remenants of Victory (勝利の余韻 "Shōri no Yoin")
  • Chapter 515: Keisuke Starts (Part 1) (啓介発進 "Keisuke Hasshin")
  • Chapter 516: Keisuke Starts (Part 2) (啓介発進(後編) "Keisuke Hasshin (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 517: Orthodox Group (Part 1) (正統派 "Seitōha")
  • Chapter 518: Orthodox Group (Part 2) (正統派(後編) "Seitōha (Kōhen)")







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