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It's "birds and bees" for Tak and Mika, basking in the glow of new romance, while poor Iggy, Cole and Kenji are closing out the summer dateless. They'll just have to settle for fresh air and peaceful scenery as the team heads to the hot spring resort hills of Hakone in Kanagawa for their biggest challenge yet at the foot of the Fuji speedway. But a major storm is brewing intent on sending Tak and the gang back to the minor leagues!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 440: Extreme Drivers, Ordinary Guys
  • Chapter 441: Perfect!
  • Chapter 442: Perfect! (Part Two)
  • Chapter 443: Something to Grow On
  • Chapter 444: New Battlegrounds
  • Chapter 445: The Initial Line
  • Chapter 446: The Initial Line (Part Two)
  • Chapter 447: Practice and More Practice
  • Chapter 448: Practice and More Practice (Part Two)
  • Chapter 449: Information Wars
  • Chapter 450: Information Wars (Part Two)
  • Chapter 451: Information Wars (Part Three)
  • Chapter 452: Moment of Decision
  • Chapter 453: Time to Climb
  • Chapter 454: The All-Seeing Evo
  • Special Extra: "West Gate Part 2"

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