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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 258: Nightmarish Vehicle (Part 1) (悪夢のマシン "Akumu no Mashin")
  • Chapter 259: Nightmarish Vehicle (Part 2) (悪夢のマシン(後編) "Akumu no Mashin (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 260: 85 Turbo (ハチゴーターボ "Hachi Gō Tābo")
  • Chapter 261: An Eventful Test Drive (波乱のシェエイクダウン "Haran no Shēikudaun")
  • Chapter 262: Proof of Maturity (Part 1) (成長の証 "Seichō no Akashi")
  • Chapter 263: Proof of Maturity (Part 2) (成長の証(後編) "Seichō no Akashi (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 264: Defeat the Fatso (デブ退治 "Debu Taiji")
  • Chapter 265: The Rotary Prince (Part 1) (ロータリーに乗った王子様 "Rōtarī ni Notta Ōji Sama")
  • Chapter 266: The Rotary Prince (Part 2) (ロータリーに乗った王子様(後編) "Rōtarī ni Notta Ōji Sama (Kōhen)")
  • Chapter 267: The Feelings of First Love (ウブな恋心 "Ubu na Koigokoro")
  • Chapter 268: We Meet Again (再会 "Saikai")
  • Chapter 269: An Upheaved Heart Before the Race (バトル直前!!ゆれる心 "Batoru Chokuzen!! Yureru Kokoro")
  • Chapter 270: Knight In Shining Armor Indeed (やっぱり王子様 "Yappari Ōji Sama")
  • Chapter 271: FD VS FD (FD VS FD)
  • Chapter 272: The Driving Force of Kyoko's Love (恭子の純愛モチベーション "Kyōko no Junai Mochibēshon")

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