First Appearance

The Inhumans first appear in Fantastic Four issue 45-47.

This just serves as an introduction to the Inhumans.

Marvel Knights

This 12-issue miniseries written by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee establish the main characters, their culture and history or the Inhumans. It also goes into depth how Inhumans gain their powers.


This event deals with the after math of Marvels event Infinity. It focuses on the Terrigen Mists being released throughout the world and activating inhuman genes in people.

Inhumans (2014)

This series is written by Charles Sole follows the events of Infinity and Inhumanity. Attilian has fallen, Black Bolts missing and Medusa has to deal with the births of New Inhumans being born around the world as she tries to rebuild the kingdom of the Inhumans.

Post Secret War Inhumans

After the Marvel Event Secret Wars Inhumans pretty much picks up right where they left off in the previous run of Inhumans (the 2014 run).

Uncanny Inhumans

This series written by Charles Sole follows the eight month gap after Secret Wars and features Medusa, Black Bolt, Human Torch (Fantastic Four), Triton and Beast (X-men) as they deal with the Conqueror.

All New Inhumans

This Inhumans series follows Crystal and her team as they try to find and help any NuHumans they can. Crystal and her team must also deal with mysterious skyspears that started appearing.

Inhumans vs X-Men or IvX

This series is the culmination of the post Secret Wars Inhumans saga wherein the X-Men go to war against the Inhuman Queen Medusa for the reason of stopping the Terrigen from enveloping the world.


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