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Excellent, Sheer Brilliance!

   Well kids, the title says it all.  Utilizing a very in-depth and touching background story of the Inhumans' Triton, Jenkins managed to write quite possibly the best comic to emerge from the nineties.  In the midst of the Inhumans war, Triton has decided to seek the help of his uneasy ally, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the aid of the Atlantean nation.  When Triton's request is denied by the Atlantean prince, Triton is compelled to look back at his first experience with the human race.   Triton was going about his inhumanly business when a passenger ship passed him.  He listened in on a conversation being held between a young boy and his sea-faring grandfather.  As Triton began to swim away, he saw a torpedo speed past him in the direction of the ship.  Triton was incapable of doing anything to stop the torpedo, and watched it collide with the ship in horror.  Triton went into the flames and wreckage to help the young boy and his grandfather, but, in his youth, was not physically strong enough to carry both the child and the grandfather, so he was forced to carry only the boy to safety on the shore.  But when Triton returned to the scene of wreck, the grandfather was no where to be found.   When Triton emerges from his retrospect, he realizes that he is wasting precious time indulging in his past thoughts.  At the end of the issue, the young boy is now shown to be and elderly crippled man.  He is sitting by the shoreline, also reminiscing about the encounter.  He is then wheeled away by an apparent assistant or family member.   The ending in itself is most likely the best ending to a comic I have ever read, not only due to the fact that it is not "to be continued," but also because it gives the reader a sentimental connection to Triton, who has always somewhat lacked a solid background story.  Also props are due to Jae Lee, who did an excellent job in drawing the incredible art in this series.  An excellent series that I would recommend to anyone.

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