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"You are so far removed from average that you seem MORE than Inhuman. Like a necessary God."

Jenkins and Lee's Inhumans is one of my favorite stories ever published by Marvel. So much so that if for some reason I was to make a list of my favorite Marvel stories this is the story I would put down first, it may not be my absolute favorite at the end of the day but it's easily the most memorable.

When you open up the book you a credits page and then an introduction by none other than Alex Ross. He talks about how he was using the Inhumans at the same time this was coming out over in Earth X, complements the book and the people working on the book.

At the back of the book you get a couple of extra sketches and the script to the first issue which is rather interesting to see and read, and gives you a little more insight into how this book actually came to fruition.

The book starts with an insight into what makes Black Bolt tick and after that it starts the process of making new inhumans. It does this in a way that never thinks any of the inhumans are silly, it paints them as a rich, smart and well thought out civilization. Gives the reader a good look into what makes this group of characters work and respects past continuity. In the next eleven issues it moves forward and orchestrates a grand plot that puts the characters and you, the reader through an emotional roller coaster. Jeninks uses everything at his disposal here and it shows.

That said, good writing can be plagued by terrible art, this book does not suffer from that at all. Jae Lee's art here is stylistically similar to his other work in Sentry and Fantastic Four 1234 rather than his Batman/Superman stuff. Lee has a great sense of atmosphere in all of his work which really gives this book either a regal feel to it or a rather grimy one, in both cases it works at different times throughout the book. The real selling point of the art is probably that he is able to display all of the important elements of the story while also having an unique style to his work.

So, yeah this book in particular will always be one that I will recommend and go back and read every now and then.

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