Do you consider Ingrid a Street Fighter character?

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    Ingrid (titled as Eternal Goddess) was created for Capcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holder which was released after getting a lot of negative feedback. She was added as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX where she claimed that is the true bearer of Psycho bearer and M Bison stole it from her.

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    Ingrid did not appear in Street Fighter X Tekken but she appeared in the prequel comic book which she was depicted as the one who sends Pandora to Earth.

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    In Project X Zone 2, this image seem to indicate that Ingrid is one of the Street Fighter representatives

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    But some people especially Street Fighter fans are still thinking she is not and was not officially declared as one and is just a guest character.

    What do you think? Is Ingrid a Street Fighter character for you or not?


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