Character » Infinity appears in 13 issues.

    The mysterious new operative of the Birds of Prey.

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    Infinity is the newest operative of Oracle's espionage team, The Birds of Prey. She was introduced in issue #120, to do some looking around for Oracle in a secret super villain lair. She then became a member of the Birds of Prey through out there stay in Platinum Flats, albeit with limited access to Oracle.

    Powers and Abilities

    Infinity possesses a wide array of abilities with the most common used being the ability to phase through solid matter and not be seen by security cameras. She later demonstrates to the Huntress her ability to read the minds of the deceased by touching them, provided at least some of the brain is still around. It's still unknown how she gained these powers, as when questioned by Huntress if they were magical in nature, she replied by saying that it was a curse.


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