Character » Infinity appears in 73 issues.

    Infinity represents the infinite potential of existence. Her siblings are Eternity, Death, Oblivion, and Galactus.

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    Infinity is the sister of Eternity; together they share the responsibility of maintaining the balance between life and death, tranquility and entropy with Death and Oblivion. These four act as the cosmological compass of the universal axis. Infinity’s opposite is Oblivion. Where Eternity represents all time in the universe, Infinity represents all space. Of all the great powers she is rarest seen, it is not known if she is intentionally reclusive or simply that she and Eternity are just two sides of the same coin.

    Once the Earth god, Odin tapped a fraction of her power to augment his own. Kronos, the Titan god of time has spent his entire existence attempting to see her. Several years ago, Infinity named Quasar her Avatar to counter the threat of Maelstrom, who was being supported by Oblivion. Shortly thereafter she was instrumental in the defeat of the Magus who was unaware of her existence as it related to Eternity. Infinity became fused with Eternity after a being known as Altez began to die and did not have a successor to take his place; If he were to die then all of actuality would fall into the astral abyss and be destroyed. Adam Warlock was able to get the beings replacement at the last moment, and it can be assumed that the universal order once again separated the two.


    Infinity is a

    Marvel Comics

    character. A powerful abstract character, Infinity was created by

    Mark Gruenwald


    Greg Capullo

    and first appears in Quasar #24.

    Powers and Abilities

    Extremely powerful abstract entity, Infinity is the embodiment of space in the Universe, and can easily beat the likes of cytorrak and galactus. Infinity often manifests in the form of a female entity. Infinity may merge with the abstract Eternity, as both are opposite sides of the same coin. Together they represent and embody the Universe.


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