Infinity, Inc. #42

    Infinity, Inc. » Infinity, Inc. #42 - Farewell to Fury! released by DC Comics on September 1987.

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    “FAREWELL TO FURY.” Fury is placed on maternity leave by Skyman and goes in search of the missing Hector Hall at Hall Manor, but is horrified by what she finds!

    The story begins with Fury leaving the Infinity Inc office and knocking over Mr. Bones. Bones is helped and Fury's kangaroo Trouble doesn't like him. However, after a small talk it was revealed that Fury was told not to be on the team because Skyman doesn't believe in her pregnant condition that she would be any good to the team. Fury and Mr Bones part ways as he has to meet with Skyman as for court orders placing him under the care of Infinity Inc.

    Mr. Bones now inside the office speaks with the newly hired secretary. She believes Bones to be wearing a Halloween mask. Bones offended, blows cigarette smoke out of his nose to prove that he isn't wearing a mask which causes the secretary to scream. Skyman hears this goes out to see Bones. At the meeting Bones expresses concerns about the rest of Helix. Skyman doesn't care and after he brings Bones up and drops him down he brings him into the new conference room of Infinity inc.

    The Infinity Inc team is present and the team agenda is put into play. Skyman informs the team that Lyta is no longer part of the team until she has her child. Mr Bones discusses his desire to help the team as he should be used until he is loose again. Yolanda suggests that they patch things up with Hector Hall but nobody seems taken with this idea. Skyman tells Todd Rice that he is paying him; the meeting is over when he says it is. They bring up the fact that the Markovian government has paid them for the help they did to stop Psycho Pirates coup attempt. They go on to the next assignment. The names pulled are Jade, Brainwave, Dr. Midnite and Skyman for the mission. Jade speaks about a movie deal she has but is talked out of going to it. Todd Rice puts and gets the official Infinity Inc radio station he wanted. Yolanda than brings up a party they are going to have for Lyta.

    Lyta's good bye party is at the beach. The Infinity Inc and a few other heroes that have helped are present none wearing uniforms. Solomon Grundy is buried in the sand and wishes to be left alone. Lyta dances with Bones. They present her with a big cake and she goes on her way leaving them behind of course she is not going for rest and relaxation.

    Lyta goes to Hall's Mansion in order to see him. She jumps the fence with ease.

    As she knocks on the door but gets no answer she rips the door off it's hinges to find that it has been bricked up with stones. She finds a window and rips it out to find stones have replaced it. Using a tree she tries to batter the wall down but fails and ends up breaking it down with her fist. on the inside she runs around the mansion looking for him until a booby trap gives her a nasty fall. As she looks up she sees Hector Hall with a knife in his chest and it breaks showing his body to be something of a shell. Hastor comes out and fights with Lyta. As she is about to stop Hastor the Silver Scarab appears. As Fury turns to speak with him Hastor tackles her but she gets away only to be kicked in the stomach which causes her to fall. She comments that Hector Hall is dead. The Silver Scarab informs Hastor that now is the team to trap the rest of the team.



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