Character » Inferno appears in 13 issues.

    Inferno is a member of the Predacons led by Megatron. His alternate form is a large fire ant and usually uses fire as a primary weapon.

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    Inferno was discovered on prehistoric Earth in the era of the Beast Wars. When he went online, his beast-mode seemed to take over some of his mannerisms, having a drone-like personality and even calls Megatron "My Queen" (much to Megatron's great dislike). 
          Throughout the Beast Wars, Inferno has been a strong adversary to the Maximals, preferring to use fire as his prime weapon and shown to enjoy causing pain. He was destroyed at the end of the Beast Wars after he and Quickstrike were hit with a blast from the Nemesis. His parts were salvaged to make fire by the early humans. 


    Inferno has a military-like personality. He often salutes Megatron and refers to the Predacon or Predacon Base as "The Royalty" and calls Megatron his "Queen". 
    Inferno seems to be a pyro and he uses fire (particularily a flamethrower) as a weapon. In battle, Inferno seems to go into a reckless frenzy, attacking anything in sight. 


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