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The story of the cyborg/robot known as Inferno actually begins with the tragic story of Private Lance Stern. Lance was an all-american boy who grew up in the midwest. He was extremely patriotic and even though he only marginally met the entrance requirements the recruiting officer was impressed by him.

After six months it was discovered that he has a debilitating neurologic disease that would soon render him immobile but alert. In order to serve his country Lance volunteered for the U.S. Army's Project : Inferno.

Over a period of months, Lance had much of his body replaced by cybernetics and he was installed into the Inferno power suit.

Significant Stories

For a time, Lance's transformation was completely successful. The suit and Lance operated at peak efficiency. A back-up artificial intelligence was installed in case Lance was rendered unconscious. This back-up system tapped into Lance's brain forcing him into a comatose state. Under its own initiative it reconfigured its own design to enhance its destructive capabilities. The AI is now willing to do anything as long as it benefits the U.S.A.


The Inferno power armor is nearly indestructible and immensely strong. The suit stands over 10 ft. tall and can fly using rockets in its feet. It is outfitted with a handheld plasma cannon, shoulder rocket lancher and head-mount flamethrower.


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