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    Dante was a resident of Des Plaines, Illinois until the Terrigen Mists appeared and turned him into the Inhuman, Inferno.

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    Dante Pertuz was a musician living in Des Plaines, Illinois, when the Terrigen Mists appeared, and overtook him, transforming him into an Inhuman. Upon his transformation, Dante erupted in flames, accidentally torching his house and his mother. His pregnant sister, Gabriela, was his only family member to survive the experience, and traveled with Dante when Medusa and Gorgon arrived to bring him to New Attilan. Medusa used her prehensile hair to smother the flames on Dante's body, and Gorgon agreed to train him in the use of his powers.


    Inferno was created by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira and first appeared in Inhuman issue 1 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Out of the Darkness

    Dante was present during an attack by three recently transformed Inhumans, like himself, (dubbed NuHumans) who opened fire on Queen Medusa in the bazaar outside of New Attilan. Thor was present and was speaking with the queen on the state of affairs in her newly established sovereign state. Dante ogled at Thor when Medusa introduced them, barely able to construct a coherent sentence. Medusa and Thor quickly rounded up the miscreants, and Medusa let them live, with an explanation that she would never force a NuHuman to remain on New Attilan, but she would always be there to help them. The NuHumans left, satisfied.

    The Unspoken

    Soon thereafter, the malevolent banished king of the Inhumans, known as the Unspoken, arrived in New Attilan with gifts in the form of three NuHumans, and asked for Medusa's hand in marriage, arguing that she was a kingless queen who could benefit from his ages of experience and his knowledge. Medusa immediately refused, knowing the Unspoken to be a cunning, manipulative liar. She accepted his gift of the NuHumans, and instructed Gorgon to place the Unspoken in a not-especially uncomfortable cell - which was exactly what the Unspoken wanted. With his knowledge of the city, he was able to open a secret passage from the cell down into a secret chamber in which the final store of Terrigen crystals was hidden away, unbeknownst to Medusa. The Inhuman Queen, cunning as she is, knew he would lead them there, and surprised the Unspoken in the chamber. However, the Unpoken's NuHumans attacked and distracted Medusa and Gorgon long enough for the Unspoken to reach the crystals, granting him youth, strength, and power. He incapacitated Medusa and Gorgon, and his forces began landing in the city. Dante, Flint, and Naja, who had been wandering about Manhattan, noticed that something had gone horribly wrong in the city. Naja flew both Flint and Dante over the Hudson River, into the city, and the three met up with the queen's chief medical officer, who led them to the Unspoken's makeshift throne room. The medical officer was immediately killed, fueling the fury of Dante's flames. Naja's chameleon-like abilities allowed her to get close to the Unspoken while Dante distracted him with his attack. Flint was able to destroy the crystals, leaving the Unspoken powerless. He was subsequently defeated by Naja.

    Search for Black Bolt

    Ennilux and Meeting Iso

    Powers and Abilities

    Pyrokinetic abilities

    After undergoing the terrigenesis Inferno acquired several pyrokinetic powers.

    • Flame/Rock Form: Inferno has the ability to turn into a flame/rock form with will, though at the moment Inferno lacks control of this ability and sometimes burst into flames without his own will. He is normally immune to his own abilities, but sometimes if he loses control or uses too much his powers he can basically burn himself out.
    • Pyrokinesis: Inferno also has the ability to control the flames what his body generates but he can also create flames from thin air without turning into his flame form. Normally he uses this ability to shoot blast of fire concentrated plasma.
    • Regeneration: Inferno has unique ability to regenerate missing limbs (and presumably other wounds) from a unique fire plasma which his body generates. He has also many times burnt himself out and suffered from bad fire burns, but later seen to be completely healed.
    • ''Invulnerability'': Though he isn't invulnerable in common sense the intense heat which his body generates burns most attacks before harming him severally.

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