Inferno Babies

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    The X-Gene Positive babies who were used by the government to open up a portal to Limbo. Due to time dilution the babies are now full-grown and have been indoctrinated to believe the X-Men are their enemies.

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    The Mutants who were used by Project Purgatory to open a dimensional portal to Limbo. They were handed over to the government in good faith but Project Purgatory's true plans were to secretly weaponize them as a contingency against mutants. However, their base was attacked and General Combest sealed off a dimensional portal that stranded Project Purgatory in the hellish Limbo dimension for a total of 26 years. In order to protect himself and his soldiers in the hellish dimension, General Ulysses conditioned the Inferno Babies to become merciless super-soldiers who are loyal to him. When they first confront the New Mutants they are 11 in total.


    The Inferno Babies where created by Louise Jones Simonson and Jon Bogdanove and first appeared in X-Terminators Issue #2 (1988). Years later, they made their first appearances as adults in New Mutants Issue #16 (2010). These versions where created by Zeb Wells and Leonard Kirk.

    Named Members

    Alex - gelatinous form that nullifies powers if victim is caught in it

    Bob - able to create duplicates of self by cutting portion of himself off

    Trista - speaks mutated language that forces listener to follow spoken action

    Toko - immune to some forms of attack

    Scab - able to generate armored form from open cuts

    Shauna - induces paralysis upon touch

    Face -able to generate and fire optic blast from face

    Russell - Possesses super speed.

    Loca - Possesses demonic and cybernetic body grafts. Adept tracker, capable of sensing and tasting ambient emotional pheromones.

    Timothy - Capable of generating thermo-chemical energy from organic exhausts on forearms.

    Maw - Multiple mouths, each with razor sharp teeth.


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