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Gar Stazi 
The Indomitable was a large military vessel used by Gar Stazi, leader of the Galactic Alliance in the Legacy era. It was the flagship for many of the battles. Used in the initial war between the Empire and their allied Sith forces agaist the Alliance and their allied Jedi forces, and used again seven years later in a battle orbiting the planet Dac, the Indomitable has always been Gar Stazi's greatest strength and a useful tool for the Galactic Alliance. 
The Indomitable was eventually destroyed in a battle orbiting Dac. The Galactic Alliance was attempting to rob the Empire of one of their greatest military vessels, the Imperious . When the Alliance fleet began to take heavy fire, Gar Stazi moved the Indomitable infront of the Alliance fleet to protect the ships from Imperial fire. Weak and nearly destroyed, Stazi planned to use what strength the ship had left to ram it into a large Imperial production facility. His second mate however, did not wish for Gar Stazi to sacrifice his own life and so he ordered a fighter pilot to knock out the admiral and take him safely off of the Indomitable . The second mate sacrificed his own life instead. He rammed the ship into the production facilities, destroying the ship, the factories and himself and halting the Empire's production of military vessels for the next seven years.

With the destruction of the Indomitable, Gar Stazi used the Imperious now renamed Alliance as the new flagship for the Galactic Alliance.


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