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    Iroque is the leader of the Indigo Tribe of compassion.

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    Not much is known about Iroque, except that she once was very conceited, very similar to Sinestro. She is known to have been friends with Abin Sur but was also stated to have killed his daughter. At one point, she was a prisoner, held by Abin Sur, and eventually she was forced to feel compassion for crimes by being inducted into the Indigo Tribe. Over time the compassion grew on her and she no longer needed the Tribe, despite the battery being fixed.

    Major Story Arcs.

    War of Light

    The Indigo Tribe is first mentioned by Ganthet, leader and one of the founders of the Blue Lanterns in Green Lantern #45. He states that some of his Blue Lanterns have already gone to seek out some of the members of the Indigo Tribe, which foreshadows the beginning of the alliance between the seven different colored lantern corps.

    Iroque (known as Indigo-1) first fully appears in Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #1, when she witnesses a battle between a Green Lantern corpsman, and a Sinestro lantern corpsman. When the Green Lantern is wounded, Indigo-1 mercy-kills him. The Sinestro corpsman attacks Indigo-1, but is eventually stopped.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, Indigo and her tribe remain in hiding, until Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Mera, and Firestorm are attacked by Black Lantern Ralph and Sue Dibny. By the powers of her compassion, and Hal Jordan's willpower, Indigo-1 is able to destroy Ralph and Sue.

    Indigo-1 and her friend and fellow Indigo Lantern, Munk, then teleport their group to the Hall of Justice, and explain things to the heroes there. They say that the only way the Black Lanterns can be stopped is if all seven corps can unite. She also states that it will be a tough journey, but if they can combine the light of all seven different colored lantern corps, a white light will be formed, and the Black Lanterns will all be destroyed.

    They transport themselves to Zamaron, homeworld of the Star Sapphire corps. They recruit Carol Ferris, and and Sinestro, and teleport to Odym, homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps. When Saint Walker is recruited into their group, they got to recruit Atrocitus, and Larfleeze, who were battling at the time. After they break up the fight, Atrocitus and Larfleeze are recuited, they join them in the fight to fight Nekron.

    Nekron turns the tide of battle against our heroes when he command a gaggle of resurrected heroes to be turned into Black Lanterns. When Ganthet appears, he assists the Lanterns by creating a duplicate of each of their rings, and commanding them to land on the finger of one who is worthy to wield that specific light. Indigo-1's ring lands on the finger of Ray Palmer, the Atom. He aides Indigo-1 in fighting Black Lanterns Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Chay-Ara, and Khufu. While Indigo-1 focuses her energy, Ray fights and severes the connection to his ex wife Jean Loring's black power ring, and she stops being a Black Lantern. Indigo-1 then finds the members of her corps, the Indigo tribe of compassion, to go out and search out all of the wounded corps members of all the other different colored lantern corps, and bring them to fight Nekron with them. Indigo-1 assists her new allies in creating the white light, which Sinestro claims, for a short period of time. After Nekron is destroyed, Indigo-1, Munk, the Indigo Tribe, and Black Hand have vanished! It is revealed that Indigo-1, Munk, and the rest of the Indigo Tribe had taken Black Hand in.

    War of the Green Lanterns

    Indigo later travels to Earth along with the rest of her Tribe to find a host for Proselyte. A wounded paramedic named Shane Thompson is found to fill the need. She and her tribe later come to blows with Hal Jordan and Barry Allen over the entities before being interrupted by Krona. Barry is possed by Parallax, although Proselyte is able to rip Parallax out of Barry, before being taken by Krona itself.

    Indigo-1 later travels to the ruins of the planet Ryut alongside the New Guardians. There, she is trapped in the Book of the Black by Lyssa Drek. Inside the book, Sinestro encounters Indigo-1 prior to her conversion, as a prisoner of Abin Sur.

    Her ring isn't trapped in the book, and is rescued by Hal. John Stewart wears it during the War of the Green Lanterns.

    She later appeared with the entire Indigo Tribe seeking to convert Sinestro. When the power battery was destroyed and her ring died she along with the rest of the tribe was released from it's influence. But while all the rest of the tribe returned to their murderous ways, Iroque was changed by her ring. She felt the remorse of her killings and wished the power battery to be repaired. Her sadness was the spark of indigo light necessary for Natromo to recreate the power battery, thus restoring control over the remainder of the tribe.

    Remaining as leader of the tribe, she showed herself committed to the idea of her tribe - the chance that they might once gain the compassion the ring gives them and change their ways as she has.

    Powers and Abilities

    Iroque and her tribe each possess a power staff, and power ring, which allow them to utilize many powers of the Indigo Tribe. These powers include the ability to fire energy blasts, create constructs, teleportation, and flight. The Indigo Tribe also speaks a language which not even a Green Lantern power ring can decipher. Members of the Indigo Tribe also appear to have the ability to channel powers of other Lantern Corps.

    Other Media


    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    LEGO Batman 3
    LEGO Batman 3

    Indigo-1 is a playable character in the game, voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


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