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    Renowned archaeologist and 'obtainer of rare antiquities,' Indiana Jones divides his time between teaching university archeology courses and tracking ancient artifacts.

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    Henry Jones Jr.
    Henry Jones Jr.

    Born Henry Jones Jr. on July 1, 1899 to globe-trotting Scottish professor of medieval literature Henry Jones Sr. and Anna Lauren Jones in Princeton, NJ. He had a sister, Susie that died at an early age. When Indy first learned to walk he showed it by finding his way up to the roof of his house. In 1905 Indy would name himself after the beloved family malamute, Indiana. His father though would still refer to him Junior well into his adult life much to the chagrin of Indy. As a child young Henry enjoyed playing with Indiana, playing baseball with his friends, and conduct science experiments instead of going to school.

    Indiana spent 1908 traveling with his father as the elder gave a world wide lecture tour, and young Henry encountered many great figures of the early 20th century including, T.E. Lawrence, Howard Carter and Leo Tolstoy. His father would fine success in his books in 1908 from then to 1910 Indy and his mother would his father around the globe while he was giving lectures so young "junior" would not lose out on his studies. His father hired an old friend of his, Helen Margaret Seymour to tutor Indy. At first she declined the offer believing Indy was too young and also Indy did not wish to see any more of her. She later change her opinion and joined the family on their travels. She made Indy study for nine days before he would go on his first adventure.

    They crossed the Mediterranean and landed in Alexandria, Egypt where Henry would begin his lectures. While his father was at the University giving a lecture Indy and Miss Seymour went toe the Great Pyramids at Giza but had not paid their guide enough and he stole their camels while they were busy climbing one of the structures. As they stood there alone and unsure what to do in that situation a figure appeared riding on a bicycle.

    The figure was an old acquaintance of hers, T.E. Lawrence. Indy quickly took a liking to Lawrence as his stories of intrigued him and inspired him to become and archaeologist. They camped out for the night using Lawrence's supplies and the next day he took them to the Valley of Kings to meet a few frineds of his, Rasheed Sallam and Howard Carter, the man who would go on to discover the lost tomb of King Tut in 1922. After Henry Sr. finished his lectures in egypt they family began on their next leg of their trip, Morocco.

    In Mexico in 1916 Indy would be captured by a group of Mexican revolutionaries led by Pancho Villa. Indy would later be rescued by Remy Baudouin, a Belgian Cook who was serving under Pancho Villa at the time. Later that same year Indy would join Remy in the Belgian Army and they would serve on the Western Front In World War I. Throughout his life Indiana Jones would meet many important figures that would shape his outlook on life, including Winston Churchill, Leo Tolstoy,T.E. Lawrence, Pancho Villa, and Howard Carter, but the most influential of them all was Abner Ravenwood whom he studied under at the University of Chicago.

    After World War I Indy would study at the University of Chicago for Archaeology under Professor Abner Ravenwood, the two would become great friends though their friendship was cut short in 1925 when Abner discovered Indy was dating his daughter Marion. After graduating Indy became a professor of Archaeology in London where he would meet Deirdre Campbell, soon after they met the two began dating and their relationship led to their marriage in 1926, thought it was unfortunately was short lasting due to her death in a plane crash.

    Major Story Arcs

    Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones

    In 1935, Indiana Jones survives a murder attempt by Lao Che, a crime boss in Shanghai who has hired him to retrieve the remains of Emperor Nurhaci. With his young Chinese sidekick Short Round and the nightclub singer Willie Scott in tow, Indy flees Shanghai on a cargo aircraft. While the three of them are asleep, the pilots (in the pay of Lao Che) dump the fuel and parachute out, leaving the plane to crash over the Himalayas. The three narrowly manage to escape by jumping out of the plane on an inflatable raft.

    They ride down the mountain slopes and fall into a raging river, eventually arriving at the village of Mayapore in northern India. The villagers beg them for help and ask them to retrieve the sacred stone (shivalinga) stolen from their shrine, as well as their missing children, from evil forces in the nearby Pankot Palace. Indy agrees to do so, hypothesizing that the stone is one of the five Sankara stones given by the gods to help humanity fight evil.

    The trio receive a warm welcome from the officials at Pankot Palace and are allowed to stay for the night as guests, attending a lavish but revolting banquet hosted by the young Maharaja. The officials rebuff Indy's theory that the Thuggee cult is responsible for their troubles. Later that night, Indy is attacked by an assassin. After Indy kills him, he discovers a series of tunnels hidden behind a statue and sets out to explore them, overcoming a number of booby-traps.

    The trio reach an underground temple where the Thuggees worship Kali with human sacrifice. They discover that the Thuggees now possess three of the Sankara stones and have enslaved the children to search for the last two, hidden in the palace catacombs. As Indy tries to retrieve the stones, he, Willie, and Shorty are captured. Thuggee high priest Mola Ram forces Indy to drink a potion that puts him into a trance-like state in which he mindlessly serves the cult. Willie is prepared for sacrifice, while Shorty is put to work in the mines. Shorty escapes and returns to the temple, where he frees first Indy and later the Maharaja from the effects of the potion. Indy saves Willie and retrieves the stones. After freeing the children, Indy fights a hulking overseer and leaves him to be killed by a rock crusher.

    The trio escape from the temple, pursued by Thuggees, and barely escape Mola Ram's attempt to flood them out. They are again ambushed by Mola Ram and his henchmen on a rope bridge above a crocodile-infested river. Indy cuts the bridge, resulting in Mola Ram’s men who had cornered Indy on the bridge to fall into the river where they are eaten by the crocodiles, leaving the survivors to hang on for their lives. As Mola Ram and Indy struggle, Indy invokes the name of Shiva, causing the stones to glow red-hot and burn through Indy's satchel. Two of them fall out; Mola Ram tries to catch the third, but burns his hand and falls from the bridge and into the river, where he too is eaten by the crocodiles. Indy catches the stone safely and climbs up just as a company of British Indian Army riflemen, sent by the Maharaja, arrive and open fire against the Thuggees to drive them away; the surviving Thuggees are soon cornered and arrested by more soldiers. Indy, Willie, and Shorty return safely to Mayapore with the stone and the missing children.

    Raiders of The Lost Ark

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    In 1936 began a search for a few Golden Idols belonging to a tribe in Peru. Soon after a few started to appear at an antiquity market, the evidence pointed to a fellow archaeologist at Princeton University-Dr. Forrestal who had gone missing while looking for the idols six years earlier. recently Indy acquired part of a map that detailed the route to the temple. Indy traveled to Peru and got in touch with several of his contacts in Peru. The other part of the map was in the hands of Satipo and Barranca, Indy knew not to trust them but they were only two who knew the area well enough. Indy knew he couldn't trust but had to make a deal with them as he needed the other piece of the map.

    As they got closer to the temple Barranca made an attempt to kill Indy. Jones heard the pistol cock and disarmed him by whipping the revolver out his hands. Barranca fled and Indy was now stuck Satipo who was just as untrustworthy. They entered the temple and realized The builders designed the temple so that anyone who entered would never leave. As they went in they found the entrance riddled with tarantulas and they discovered how Forrestal met his end, he was impaled by spikes in the wall.

    After navigating through the rest of the traps Indy arrived into the Idol room and knowing that the disk upon which the Idol laid was pressure sensitive so once Indy took the idol he had to place something on the pedestal that was exactly equal the weight. Indy placed a bag of sand on the pedestal and right after the pedestal sank to the ground and the temple started to fall apart. Indy ran and avoided poison darts as he was trying to escape the temple.

    Reaching a small chasm he handed stipo the whip to swing over and in return Satipo asked for the idol and then he would give Indy the whip. Indy threw the idol but satipo left the whip on the ground and Indy had to jump across instead, he barely made it, grabbed his whip, and made under the stone door that was coming down.

    Once he got out he found Satipo dead, impaled on the very same traps that killed Dr. Forrestal years earlier along withe the idol on his hands. Seconds after a huge boulder came down and Indy was forced to attempt to outrun it, which he did and when he made it outside he ran into none other than Rene Belloq himself, Indy's rival who always managed to catch up to Indy and steal his treasure on his adventures. Indy attempted to draw but the native Hovito warriors drew their bows and spears, Indy handed his pistol and Idol over to belloq. He turned and showed the idol to the warriors and they got down on their knees, seeing an opportunity to escape Jones ran. The Hovitos followed but Indy amde to the seaplane of his friend Jock Lindsey and escaped.

    Returning to Marshall College for a lecture, Indy informed Marucs Brody that he almost had the Idol but Belloq got it. Brody informed him that two men, a Mr. Eaton and a Mr. Musgrove from Army Intelligence were asking for him and were waiting for him. As soon as class ended Indy and Marcus approached the two men. They informed them that recently the US Military had intercepted cables from sent from Cairo to Berlin.

    The message stated that there was a dig going on at Tanis and that they were looking for a Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. The message also mentioned an Abner Ravenwood, Indy's old mentor. Eaton and Musgrove asked Indy if he could make sense of the message. Indy explained that Professor ravenwood was an expert on the legend of The Lost Ark of the Covenant, he explained that the Ark was a golden chest that Moses used to carry the Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai. he explained that the headpiece had to be placed on a staff in a certain spot in a map room at Tanis and that it would pinpoint the exact location of The Well of Souls where the ark rested.

    Eaton and Musgrove explained that he had been placed on assignment by the secret service to locate and retrieve the ark before Hitler and Germany did. By using Professor Ravenwood's journal Indy found that in one of the last entries Abner speculated that Nepal contained clues to The Ark. Indy traveled to Nepal and met up with a friend, Lin-su who informed that Ravenwood was last seen in a region around Patan. He loaned Jones his car and Indy arrived at a tavern Abner bought years earlier. Expecting to find Abner he went in and found Marion, his daughter and Indy's old flame. Marion appeared to be both pleased and disturbed by his return. Indy asked for Abner but Marion explained her father had been dead for years.

    Indy apologized and asked her about artifact he believed Abner had in his possession. He paid her 5000 dollars, enough for her to move back to the US to give him the medallion. Marion told him to come back the next day for it and she would have it for him then. shortly after he left another man came in, this time with a few others. His name was Toht, a gestapo agent who was also interested in the medallion. He offered to pay more than Dr. Jones but she told that she didn't have it anymore, he didn't believe it and tired to torture the information out of her.

    Indy came back in and whipped the fireplace poker out of his hand, causing it to fall next to a curtain and starting a fire. Indy and Marion killed the Thugs but Toht escaped with the marks of the medallion burnt onto his hand because he tried to grab it out a fire. Because he burnt down her tavern she forced him to take her along on his journey and gave him the medallion.

    The two traveled to Cairo and from there met up with Sallah, an Egyptian excavator and a close friend of Indy's. There he informed that the Nazis had already begun their excavation of Tanis but that they do not know that Indy and Marion are in the country. While they were on the streets they were ambushed, Marion was captured, and Indy had to pursue her kidnappers throughout the city. He saw the Nazis place a basket in a truck, he fired at the truck not knowing that it was full of explosives.

    The truck blows up and Indy is in despair over her death and wanders to a local bar. There he is confronted by his old rival, Belloq and attempts to draw his gun and shoot Belloq but all the men in the bar are armed and at the last minute sallah's children came to rescue him. He is quickly hurried out of the bar and the rest of the men laughed at him because he was a grown man being rescued by children.

    He later went with Sallah to the local Imam to translate the inscriptions on the medallion. They realized that the Nazis only had one side of the headpiece and realized that they lacked the back side which detailed the height of the staff. The Nazis only had the front side and therefore did not know that the back side that the staff needed to be one kadam shorter than what the front side said.

    The Ikons of Ikammanen

    During that same year Indy was approached by a former student, Charlie Dunne who came to him asking for his assistance in an expedition with his sister Edith Dunne to find the Ikons of Ikammanen, statues made of solid gold that are able to become living creatures. Moments after, Charlie was murdered and Indy decided he would go with Edith to Central Africa where Charlie and Edith had supposedly discovered the location of The Ikons of Ikammanen. When he had arrived he was captured along with Edith by the natives guarding the sacred site. He soon escaped but was pursued by the Nazi's who had secretly been tailing him.

    The Last Crusade

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    In 1912, 13-year-old Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. is horseback riding with his Boy Scout troop at Arches National Park in Utah. While scouting caves, Jones discovers a group of grave robbers who have found a golden crucifix belonging to Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and steals it from them, hoping to donate it to a museum. The men give chase through a passing circus train, leaving Jones with a bloody cut across his chin from a bullwhip and a new phobia of snakes. Jones escapes but the local sheriff makes him return the cross to the robbers, who immediately turn it over to a mysterious benefactor wearing a Panama hat. Impressed with the boy's bravery, the leader of the robbers gives Jones his hat.

    In 1938, Indiana Jones fights "Panama Hat" and his henchmen on a ship off the coast of Portugal. Escaping overboard just before the ship explodes, he recovers the cross and donates it to Marcus Brody's museum. Later, Jones learns from Walter Donovan that his father, Henry Jones, Sr., was searching for the Holy Grail using an incomplete inscription from a stone tablet as a guide and has since vanished. Jones receives Henry's Grail diary via mail from Venice and heads there with Marcus, where they meet Henry's Austrian colleague Dr. Elsa Schneider.

    Beneath the library where Henry was last seen, Jones and Elsa discover a set of half-flooded catacombs that house the tomb of a First Crusade knight that contains a complete version of the inscription that Henry had used, revealing the location of the Grail. They flee when the petroleum-saturated waters of the catacombs are set on fire by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society whose mission is to protect the Grail. Jones and Elsa capture Brotherhood member Kazim. When Jones explains that his only goal is to find his father, not the Grail, Kazim tells them Henry's location. Looking through the diary, Marcus finds a map drawn by Henry of the route to the Grail, which begins in the ancient city of Alexandretta. Jones removes the map from the diary, gives it to Marcus for safekeeping, and sends him to İskenderun, the city built on the ruins of Alexandretta, to rendezvous with their old friend Sallah. Elsa begins a relationship with Jones before they depart to find Henry.

    Jones and Elsa head to a Nazi-controlled castle in Austria where Henry is being held. Jones finds Henry and frees him only to be quickly captured by SS Colonel Ernst Vogel. He learns that both Elsa and Donovan are Nazis who are using the Joneses to find the Grail for them. Elsa kisses Jones goodbye as she departs with Donovan and Vogel. Marcus is captured in Hatay State while meeting with Sallah. After their escape from the castle, Henry tells Jones that the Grail is guarded by three booby traps and his diary contains clues needed to pass them safely. Disguised as a German Army colonel, Jones recovers the diary from Elsa at a Nazi book burning rally in Berlin and comes face to face with Adolf Hitler, who autographs the book without recognizing it or him. Indy and Henry board a Zeppelin to leave Germany, but are discovered and forced to escape in its parasite biplane. A dogfight with Luftwaffe fighters ensues; although Jones and Henry are forced to crash-land, they survive and successfully bring down their pursuers.

    In Hatay, Sallah tells them of Marcus's abduction. The Nazis have been equipped by the Sultan of Hatay and are already moving toward the Grail's location, using the map possessed by Marcus. Jones, Henry, and Sallah find the Nazi expedition, which is ambushed by the Brotherhood. During the battle, Henry is captured by Vogel while attempting to rescue Marcus; Kazim and his comrades are killed. Jones pursues the tank on horseback and, with the aid of Sallah, saves Henry and Marcus. He is caught up in a fight with Vogel, but escapes just before the tank goes over a cliff, sending Vogel to his death.

    Jones, Henry, Marcus, and Sallah catch up with the surviving Nazis, led by Donovan and Elsa, who have found the temple in The Canyon of the Crescent Moon where the Holy Grail is kept but are unable to get past the first trap. Donovan shoots and mortally wounds Henry to force Jones to risk his life in the traps to find the Grail and use its healing power to save his father. Using the information in the diary and followed by Donovan and Elsa, Jones safely overcomes the traps (which include fast-moving saw blades, a word puzzle, and a hidden bridge over a bottomless pit) and reaches the Grail's chamber, which is guarded by a knight. The man has been kept alive for 700 years by the power of the Grail, which is hidden among dozens of false grails. The true Grail grants eternal life, while the false ones will kill any user. Elsa intentionally selects a wrong cup for Donovan, causing him to rapidly age and crumble to dust after drinking from it. Jones drinks from a simple clay cup that proves to be the true Grail,[3] but the knight warns that it cannot be taken out of the temple and that its guardian must stay within in order to remain immortal.

    Jones fills the Grail with holy water and brings it to Henry, healing him instantly. Elsa disregards the knight's warning and tries to take the Grail with her, causing the temple to collapse around them when she crosses the Great Seal set in the floor at the entrance. When the Grail falls into a chasm in the floor, Elsa plummets to her death trying to recover it. Jones nearly suffers the same fate before Henry convinces him to leave it. The Grail Knight bids them farewell as they escape. After leaving the temple, the Joneses, Marcus, and Sallah ride off into the sunset.

    The Golden Fleece

    Indy, circa 1941
    Indy, circa 1941

    Indy arrived at the Peloponnesian Peninsula in Greece as an advisor in 1941 on archaeological expedition. When he arrived he had found that Germany was attacking and so he canceled the expedition so as to not risk any lives. He however snuck away to find the treasure before the Nazis did. Indy entered the tomb of King Atreus to find an ancient knife that was older than Mycenae itself. Leaving the tomb Indy found himself in the middle of a Nazi camp, taking one soldier hostage.

    The commander at the camp shot his live shield dead, forcing Indy to flee on a bicycle. He was saved by a young woman named Omphale Kiapos who hid him inside a barre containing Olive-oil. While looking for a way out of Greece Indy was attacked by a group of Turkish men who his knife. Omphale opened fire and them and as they left Indy overheard one of them mention the Golden Fleece. Indy and Omphale hijacked a plane from the camp and left Greece.

    The plane was heavily damaged but Omphale was able to nurse it back to Istanbul where Indy consulted an antiquity dealer he knew, Daan van Rooijen of his on the Golden Fleece. It was confirmed that the Fleece was connected to the Greek god Hectate. He also learned the only way to reconsecrate the fleece was by using the knife from Atreus' tomb.

    The fleece was believed to be located somewhere in Istanbul but the exact location was unknown.By using an old transcript of an auction from twenty years earlier Indy found the ram fleece was on the list and that it belonged to a Mehmed Sarper. Sarper still had the fleece as no one was ever interested in buying it.Indy and Daan found that the fleece was inside of the ram, intact. Daan had insisted on keeping it in his possession and drugged Omphale and Indy. After they woke up Indy discovered Daan, murdered by cult members who worshiped Hectate.

    They traveled east to Colchis, on their way there they ran into a snowstorm and Omphale went into labor and gave birth to her baby son. At the same time the cult members awakened the protector of the fleece, a giant serpent. Indy lifted the baby into the sky with no explanation and begged Hectate to honor the child's innocence for it had done nothing wrong. Hectate then struck the cult members down and the serpent erupted into flames.

    Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

    In 1951 Indy's father, Henry Jones Sr. died, something that would cause Indy much grief over the next ten years.The following year one Indy's closest friends, Marcus Brody died. During sometime between 1952 and 1957 Indy left Barnett College and returned to teaching at Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut. it was then that he met Charles Bradforth, the current dean of Students and Marcus Brody's successor. In 1957 while digging in the Yucatan Peninsula along with George "Mac" McHale they were captured by Soviet troops and brought to Hangar 51 in the Nevada test site, Nevada, USA.

    They were pulled out from the back of a car and were confronted by the leader of the troops, Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko of Ukraine. They were brought in to the Hangar and Indy was ordered to find an object from a crash ten years earlier, the event she was referring to was the purported UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

    Indy refused they were going to shoot Mac. Indy knew the contents of the container she was looking for were highly magnetic so he ordered a soldier to empty his gun. The soldier laughed and told his comrades in Russian what Indy said. he told Spalko and she ordered them to empty their guns. He threw the gunpowder in the air and it showed them the location of the remains. the soldiers opened the container and attempted to execute Jones but he escaped and along the way briefly saw the container containing the Ark of The covenant, which he had found over 20 years earlier.


    • The Fedora - Indy's hat given to him by an archeologist he met in 1912
    • The Leather Jacket - a hybrid of the "Type 440" and the A-2 jacket
    • The Bag - a Mark VII British gas mask bag
    • The Whip - 10-foot long bullwhip
    • The Pistol - usually a World War I-era revolver
    • The Shoes - Indy Boots (though in a lighter shade of brown than seen in the movies)

    In Other Media


    Indiana Jones first appeared in Raiders of The Lost Ark in 1981, starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. It was intended to be a homage to serials the of the 1930's and 1940's. The film was nominated for numerous awards including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

    It was followed by a sequel Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom in 1985, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 1989, and Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull in 2008. Creator George Lucas has stated that he has plans for a fifth Indiana Jones film and is currently researching and writing a story for it.


    In 1992, George Lucas created The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles which focused on Indiana Jones at different points in his life, most common was his younger years. He was portrayed Cory Carrier at ages 9-10, Sean Patrick Flanery between the ages of 16-21, and George Hall and Harrison Ford playing an older Indiana Jones. For a more detailed write up of Indiana Jone's other adventures, check out his page on ComicVine's sister site

    Film Novelizations

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

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    The holiest artifact on earth is filled with dazzling, incredible power. Indiana Jones has to get it before the Nazis do.
    Indiana Jones, archeology professor and swashbuckling adventurer, has unearthed many an ancient treasure. But now the very future of the world depends on his finding one special relic.
    With a bullwhip in his hand and a beautiful lady at his side, Jones journeys from Nepal and Cairo to the Mediterranean, dodging poisons, traps and snakes, battling rivals old and new, all in pursuit of an ancient artifact said to give invincible power to its possessor.
    It's a battle to a startling finish, a finish dictated by the magic, the light -- and the power -- of the Lost Ark.
    • Written By: Campbell Black
    • Paperback (Ballantine Books, April 1981), ISBN: 0-345-29548-X
    • Paperback (Del Rey, April 2008), ISBN: 0-3453-5375-7

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    No Caption Provided
    The swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones is back in a dazzling new adventure!
    The time is 1935.
    Through a series of misadventures in Shanghai -- and a narrow escape from death -- Indiana Jones finds himself in a remote village in India. A mysterious old shaman tells him his arrival has been foreseen-- and that he and his companions are destined to save the villagers.
    So begins the most daring -- and dangerous -- quest of Indiana Jones' career!
    • Written By: James Kahn
    • Paperback (Ballantine Books, June 1984), ISBN: ?
    • Paperback (Del Rey, April 2008), ISBN: 0-345-31457-3

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    No Caption Provided
    The fearless archaeologist Indiana Jones returns in a spectacular new adventure!
    The time is the 1930s.
    Indiana Jones had always managed to get into enough trouble on his own. But this time, he finds himself in the deadliest situation imaginable-- he must rescue his father, eminent professor Dr. Henry Jones, from the Nazis' clutches to keep them from discovering the secret information only Dr. Jones possesses.
    The perilous race is on-- to recover the most extraordinary ancient relic of all time-- and to prevent the Nazis and Dr. Jones's devious rivals from finding it first!
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Paperback (Ballantine Books, June 1989), ISBN: ?
    • Paperback (Del Rey, April 2008), ISBN: 0-345-36161-X

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    No Caption Provided
    “The name is Jones. Indiana Jones.”
    He’s back. Everyone’s favorite globe-trotting, tomb-raiding, wisecracking archaeologist is finally at it again-hurtling headfirst into high adventure and relying on his wits, his fists, and his trusty bullwhip to get him out of deep trouble. But the man in the jaunty brown fedora and battered leather jacket is no ordinary digger in the dirt. From the fabled lost Ark of the Covenant to the legendary Holy Grail, he’s salvaged the world’s most amazing artifacts, while beating the baddest villains and defying the most breathtaking odds.
    Now it’s 1957, the atomic age is in full swing, and McCarthy-era paranoia has the nation on edge. But for Indiana Jones, the Cold War really heats up when his latest expedition is crashed by a ruthless squad of Russian soldiers. Commanded by a sword-wielding colonel who’s as sinister as she is stunning, the menacing Reds drag an unwilling Indy along as they brazenly invade American soil, massacre U.S. soldiers, and plunder a top-secret government warehouse. Their objective: a relic even more precious–and powerful–than the mythic Ark, capable of unlocking secrets beyond human comprehension.
    Fast thinking and some high-speed maneuvers help Jones turn the tables, and a one-in-a-million escape narrowly saves him from certain death. But when he’s tarred as a suspected spy and fired by his university, Indy thinks it may be time to hang up his hat.
    Fate, however, has other plans. Suddenly the road to retirement takes a sharp detour when a colleague’s kidnapping leads Jones into the depths of the Amazon jungle on a desperate rescue mission. With a hot-headed teenage biker as his unlikely wing man and his vengeful new Russian nemesis waiting for a rematch, Indy’s back in the game–playing for a prize all the wonders of the world could never rival.
    • Written By: James Rollins
    • Hardcover (Del Rey, May 2008), ISBN: 0-3455-0128-4
    • Paperback (Del Rey, November 2008), ISBN: 0-3455-0288-4
    • Audiobook (Random House Audio, May 2008), ISBN: 0-7393-5898-7

    Film Prequel Novels

    In 1981 a new hero like no other burst upon the scene. Over the next ten years and three films we grew to know and love the legend that is Indiana Jones: bold adventurer, swashbuckling explorer, he lives forever in our imaginations, unraveling the mysteries of the past in a time when the world was at war and dreams could still come true. Now, in an all-new series of novels officially licensed from Lucasfilm, we will learn what shaped Indiana Jones into the hero he is today!

    Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi (One of Twelve)

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    For sixteen centuries the Order of Pythia has awaited the reappearance of the ancient oracle of sacred knowledge of Delphi. An earthquake, rending the earth beneath the ruins, has now heralded her return. Dorian Belecamus, a beautiful and bewitching archaeology professor, sees an opportunity to do more than dig into the past: This is her chance to seize control of her country's future-- by becoming the Oracle of Delphi! And she's found just the man to help her consummate her scheme. He's brash, he's reckless, and he's fallen under her spell. His name: Indiana Jones.
    The adventure spans the globe from Chicago to Paris to Greece where, bullwhip in hand, Indy descends into the bottomless pit of the serpent god and finds a sacred stone that holds the key to the oracle's prophecies. But Dorian has designed an even more sinister fate for young Indy: She means to make him her lover, her priest, her pawn in a plot to kill the king. Will Indy find the source of Pythia's powers-- or find himself sacrificed at Dorian's altar, a victim of her deadly ambition and desire?
    • Written By: Rob MacGregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (February 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-553-28931-4

    Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants (Two of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    Young Indiana Jones has landed his first teaching post, in the archaeology department at London University. His brightest -- and prettiest -- student is a twenty-year-old Scottish girl, Deirdre Campbell, who claims she's uncovered a golden scroll, proof of the true existence of Merlin, sorcerer of myth and legend. Indy's intrigued by the thesis... and by Deirdre. So, too, is Parliament member Adrian Powell. He's seeking to resurrect the ancient order of the Druids, whose secrets of power could pave his way to world conquest. But first he needs the scroll...and he's willing to kill to get it.
    Where there's magic, mystery, and murder, Indiana Jones goes to the head of the class. Dropping his books and picking up his bullwhip, Indy joins Deirdre on an action-packed chase across Britain, from the peril-filled caves of Scotland to the savage dance of the giants at Stonehenge-- where Merlin's secret will finally be revealed. But not before Indy gets a lesson in love from Deirdre-- and a lesson in hate from a maniac who means to rule mankind.
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (June 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29035-5

    Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils (Three of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    Having barely survived a hair-raising archaeological dig in Tikal, Guatemala, Indiana Jones has returned to New York just in time to get caught up in a controversy. The mysterious writings of Colonel Percy Fawcett, a missing British explorer, have turned up, and what they describe could revolutionize history-- and make or break several scientific reputations. For Percy paints a tantalizing picture of a lost city in the Brazilian jungle and a mythical red-headed race who may be the descendants of ancient Celtic Druids....
    No one loves mystery or adventure more than Indiana Jones. So with his trusty bullwhip in hand an the lovely Deirdre Campbell firmly in tow, he sets out for the wilds of the Amazon. But Indy has more enemies that he knows, including a bunch of hard-nosed thugs and a cannibalistic Indian tribe who are out to make him instant history. And if he survives what they throw his way, there's still the fabled city itself... where the inhabitants practice the magic of the "seven veils" and no one leaves alive!
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (December 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29334-6

    Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge (Four of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    London, 1927. Since losing his beloved Deirdre in the Amazon a year ago, Indiana Jones has settled down with his Ph.D. and taught Celtic archaeology, thinking he left adventure behind. Yet Indy is rather tempted when a wild-eyed Russian doctor, Vladimir Zobolotsky, tries to recruit him for an expedition to search for Noah's Ark... and then finally takes the dangerous quest after meeting Vladimir's alluring daughter, Katrina.
    They set out for Istanbul and Mount Ararat, fabled location of Noah's Ark, when trouble erupts. Kremlin agents, Sicilian "enforcers," and Turkish bandits all attempt to bar Vladimir, Katrina, and Indiana Jones from the archaeological find of the century... and a certain 950-year-old boat-builder...
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (February 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29502-0

    Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy (Five of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    Lost in the labyrinth of a Paleolithic cavern complex, Indy Jones encounters references to a mythological beast that may have existed twenty thousand years ago-- and five years later Dr. Jones confronts the legend again, and the woman who is hoping to find the fabled unicorn's horn. But so is someone else from Indy's past, a man who will stop at nothing to obtain the ancient relic.
    Some say the unicorn's horn came from an animal made extinct by the Great Flood. Others say the horn is an effective antidote to poison and a mystical relic. Indy discovers that the horn's power is less than benevolent, and the same could be said about the intentions of a certain beautiful art historian.
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (September 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29666-3

    Indiana Jones and the Interior World (Six of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    A strange mystery connects the whispering Moai statues of Easter Island to the eerie ghost ship of Chiloé Island, leading Indiana Jones on a dangerous quest into a hidden interior world. Earlier Indy accidentally caused an imbalance between the two worlds when he disposed of a fabled but dangerous relic. Now, the leader of an unstoppable army uses this artifact to enter our world and for a deadly alliance with an even darker force....
    For centuries man has told tales of a hollow earth, or an underworld, populated by a mysterious race and strange characters. Sometimes describing an underworld of death, sometimes another dimension, these stories tell of mermaids, ghost ships...and a cosmic balance that must be restored lest the powers within march to conquer the outside world-- and only Indiana Jones holds the key!
    • Written By: Rob Macgregor
    • Publisher: Bantam Books Falcon Imprint (December 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29966-2

    Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates (Seven of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    In London, Indy Jones is called to an emergency meeting. Mysterious sky craft have been ravaging the shipping lanes, making off with a fortune in diamonds, bonds, and raw materials. Unable to detect how the craft are powered, experts come up with a frightening hypothesis-- involving the use of psychokinetic levitation.
    To get to the truth, Indy must search through a labyrinth of archaeological information reaching back four thousand years. But as he and his team move from Africa to Tibet to the American Southwest, they discover something even more astounding. A clandestine organization is fast becoming an evil, world-dominating power-- and the only way to stop it is in a high-tech, no-holds-barred battle on land... and in the air!
    • Written By: Martin Caidin
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (December 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56192-8

    Indiana Jones and the White Witch (Eight of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    England, 1930. It begins when a gang of hooded thugs breaks into the secluded home of a modern-day witch deep in the mysterious New Forest. Stolen is a map that will lead Indiana Jones and fiery fellow archaeologist Gale Parker to an incredible discovery. Somewhere in the world is hidden an enormous hoard of gold, including ancient coins from the time of Christ... coins meant to spread Christianity.
    With the aid of a young mistress of Wicca, the age-old religion of white witchcraft, Indy and Gale risk their lives on a round-the-world quest for the long-lost treasure. Racing them to find it is a cunning and ruthless criminal mastermind who has set his sights on world domination. But Indy and Gale have formidable weapons: the powers of Wicca, the sword of the legendary Merlin, and Indy's own adventurous brand of magic.
    • Written By: Martin Caidin
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (April 1994)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56194-4

    Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone (Nine of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    For centuries the lust for wealth and immortality has driven men mad. Now Indiana Jones is called to London to recover an ancient alchemist's manuscript rumored to contain the formula both for turning lead into gold and granting its owner eternal life. Certain that a missing British alchemist and an insane Renaissance scholar are involved in the theft, Indy -- along with the alchemist's beautiful sister -- travels to Rome, and straight into the hands of Mussolini's fascists.
    The mad scholar Sarducci has stolen the Voynich Manuscript, all right. But that's only half the story. The manuscript is really a map, leading into the desert and the most ancient and magnificent crypt in the world, where Indiana Jones will either witness an astounding miracle of alchemy-- or become the tomb's next inhabitant.
    • Written By: Max McCoy
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (April 1995)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56196-0

    Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs (Ten of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    Fresh from a ride on a Nazi submarine, Indiana Jones is persuaded by a beautiful missionary to search for her missing father in Mongolia. Professor Angus Starbuck has discovered a dinosaur bone in the Gobi Desert. But unlike other discoveries, this bone isn't ancient! As Indy crosses from China through a treacherous mountain pass to Outer Mongolia, he runs afoul of the region's fiercest warlords.
    Meanwhile, the world's last innocent people, dwelling in a Stone Age paradise, are poised on the brink of destruction. Suddenly Indiana Jones is dueling wild dogs and bloodthirsty killers in a desperate effort to save the most historic discovery of the twentieth century: the last living Triceratops!
    • Written By: Max McCoy
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (March 1996)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56193-6

    Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth (Eleven of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    A violent storm, a dying Arctic explorer, and a curious wooden box make Indy the target of fanatical Nazi agents. Inside the box are a slice of Icelandic stone with mythological powers and a journal hinting at the existence of an underground civilization near the top of the world. Indy and Ulla Tornaes, a beautiful Danish scientist, set out into the Arctic wastes, racing against Nazi explorers, to search for the lost city. Their quest will lead them to a massive cavern beneath the snow, portal to the legendary Ultima Thule-- the key to Hitler's mad plan for world domination.
    • Written By: Max McCoy
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (March 1997)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56195-2

    Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx (Twelve of Twelve)

    No Caption Provided
    It is the most coveted of all ancient artifacts. In it is written the history -- and the fate -- of every human being. And he who owns it writes his own destiny. Now Indiana Jones follows a trail of danger, magic, and archaeological mystery through the war-torn Orient, from Rangoon to the Egyptian desert, searching for the secret underground hiding place of the all-powerful Omega Book. But with a beautiful woman seeking her missing magician husband, and a vengeance-crazed Japanese spymaster hot on his heels, Indy is running out of time. If the Omega Book falls into the wrong hands, not only his own fate but the fate of the world will be at the mercy of a madman bent on writing humanity's final chapter!
    • Written By: Max McCoy
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (February 1999)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56197-9

    Stand Alone Novels

    Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead

    No Caption Provided
    There's no rest for the weary treasure hunter, but that's how Indiana Jones likes it. Fresh from spying for the Allies in the thick of World War II Germany, the globe-trotting archaeologist doesn't need much persuading to join his cohort "Mac" McHale in searching for one of the most coveted of artifacts: the fabled black pearl known as the Heart of Darkness. But the partners in adventure are not alone on their foray into the mysterious jungles of Haiti. German and Japanese agents are in hot pursuit, determined to possess the ebony artifact -- and its secrets -- for their own sinister purposes. And shadowing them all is an infamous voodoo priest, with powers of both diabolical science and black magic at his command.
    On a treacherous odyssey across the Island of the Dead, where the legend of zombi looms large, spiders, snakes, and booby-traps will prove the least of Indy's challenges. And capturing the prize will be child's play compared with confronting an enemy unlike any other, whose numbers are legion and nearly impossible to kill -- because they're already dead...
    • Written By: Steve Perry
    • Publisher: Del Rey (September 2009)
    • ISBN: 0-3455-0698-7

    Find Your Fate Novels

    A series of eleven Choose Your Own Adventure style books for young adults. The numbering at the top of each book marks them as a series but the Indiana Jones series shared its numbering with two other franchises (Morgan Swift & James Bond) so #10-15 are not included.

    Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island (#1)

    No Caption Provided
    Will you and Indiana Jones uncover the secret of THE CURSE OF HORROR ISLAND?
    It's your summer vacation. While your friends go to camp or travel with their families, you embark on an exciting journey with your cousin Indiana Jones, the great archaeologist, to the distant Coral Sea. You are bound for Horror Island in search of a priceless ebony idol. But legend has it that the island is cursed and many who got here never live to return! What will happen to you?
    The danger begins before you even leave the New York harbor. And every step of the way, battling hostile natives and savage jungle animals, you decide what to do, which moves to make, as you FIND YOUR FATE!
    • Written By: R. L. Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (June 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31665-7

    Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba (#2)

    No Caption Provided
    Can I really help Indiana Jones find THE LOST TREASURE OF SHEBA?
    I have to! Last night two men kidnapped my father, Dr. George Ballantyne, a military engineer, from our apartment. My dad has a map to the long-lost treasure of Sheba and he knows a lot about a mysterious new diamond laser. The Fascist forces in Ethiopia want control of both!
    So I'm going with Indiana Jones to Ethiopia-- a land of dangerous villains, volcanoes, underground mazes, and ruthless spies-- to find the treasure and save my father. Indy says it's all up to me: I have to decide what to do; I have to choose which moves to make... I'm in charge every terrifying step of the way!
    • Written By: Rose Estes
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (June 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31664-9

    Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower (#3)

    No Caption Provided
    Deep in the mysterious Himalayan mountains of Tibet, a journalist and his daughter, Lilah, are separated during a blinding snowstorm. He disappears without a trace. She makes it back to civilization with a terrifying tale to tell-- a tale of a Silver Tower that marks the entrance to a legendary village inhabited by giants.
    Lilah is desperate for help-- and now the search is on to find her missing father. But somewhere beyond the snow-capped peaks and sheer, slippery cliffs, hideous, monstrous creatures dwell, bent on destroying anyone who dares to enter their sacred territory....
    Race along with R. L. STINE -- master of perilous thrills and icy chills -- as he takes you and the intrepid Indiana Jones on the adventure of your life! But remember: Your fate is in your hands!
    • Written By: R. L. Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (August 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31715-7

    Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates (#4)

    No Caption Provided
    Will you and Indiana Jones locate The Eye of the Fates?
    The legends say that whoever possesses the Crystal Eye has the power to see and even change the future. In the wreck of an ancient ship, Indiana Jones finds pieces of Perseus' golden shield-- which contains clues to the location of the mysterious Eye. Unfortunately, reporters reveal this astonishing discovery-- and the race is on! Your father, a museum curator, says that you must accompany Indy on his desperate mission to find the Eye and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
    Before you know it, you're dashing from Mount Olympus to distant Japan, searching for this amazing artifact. Your lives are constantly in jeopardy as you are pursued by ruthless villains eager to exploit the power of the Eye. You must decide which moves to make! You have to choose the directions that will lead to your goal! Every fascinating and dangerous step of the way, it is up to you to FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Richard Wenk
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (July 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31716-5

    Indiana Jones and the Cup of the Vampire (#5)

    No Caption Provided
    You and Indiana Jones are desperate to find THE CUP OF THE VAMPIRE.
    It is the Cup of Djemsheed, a unique medieval treasure. Legend has it that anyone who drinks from this goblet will be guaranteed eternal life. Mihail Tepes, a Romanian archaeologist, believes the cup is buried in the grave of the notorious 15th-century Prince Vlad Dracula, the person who inspired the stories of Dracula the vampire. If Dracula drank from the cup, it is possible he walks the earth to this day! Your search will be complicated by many other people -- some of them ruthless villains -- who will stop at nothing to gain possession of the cup.
    Right from the start, you are in charge. Depending on the decisions you make, you could wander endlessly through catacombs, meet real-life werewolves, or fight to the death with bloodthirsty bandits. Every thrilling and dangerous step of the way the choices are up to you as you FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Andy Helfer
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (October 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31905-2

    Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death (#6)

    No Caption Provided
    Can you and Indiana Jones survive the land of THE LEGION OF DEATH?
    Millionaire Waldo Shyster-Haven has asked Indiana Jones to lean an expedition into the South American jungles to locate his lost collection of priceless Incan artifacts. Three search parties have already disappeared and the locals blame the infamous Legion of Death. Indy's old friend, archaeologist Sir Reginald Brooksbank, is among the missing, so Indy agrees to take on this desperate mission-- and you go along for the adventure!
    From the very start, when your tiny plane sputters to a halt, you are in terrible danger. Depending on the decisions you make, you and Indy could find yourselves in a steamy snake-infested rain forest, on a treacherous expedition down the Amazon River, deep inside an ancient well, or face to face with the terrifying Legion of Death. Every exciting and frightening choice is up to you as you FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Richard Wenk
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (December 1984)
    • ISBN: 0-345-31904-4

    Indiana Jones and the Cult of the Mummy's Crypt #7

    No Caption Provided
    You'll have to be pretty tough to help Indiana Jones uncover THE CULT OF THE MUMMY'S CRYPT.
    Two ancient mummies have been stolen from the Egyptian Room of the National Museum. Its curator, Marcus Brody, wants Indiana Jones to travel to Cairo to retrieve them.
    You insist on accompanying Indy but are you really ready to face the dangers you'll encounter? An ancient cult is coming back to life after a thousand years. Laboratory cats are trained to be vicious killers. There's a secret chamber that can hold you captive behind a false wall... and that's only the beginning!
    How will you handle it? Well, you'd better be prepared, because you are in charge of this journey. You decide which moves to make. Every step of the way you'll have to prove you are ready to FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: R. L. Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (February 1985)
    • ISBN: 0-345-32305-X

    Indiana Jones and the Dragon of Vengeance (#8)

    No Caption Provided
    It's time for you and Indiana Jones to find THE DRAGON OF VENGEANCE.
    Indiana Jones is about to embark on his most dangerous adventure yet. To your great surprise, you realize that you are going with him to China to search for an ancient jade dragon with diamond eyes. You will be opposed by a violent secret society called The Golden Lotus, which wants the power of this precious relic for itself. You'll have other problems, too: hungry tigers, strange blood rituals, a gang of vicious thugs, even an earthquake! And remember: YOU are responsible for whatever happens, because YOU are going to make all the decisions -- where to go, what to do, and how to handle it -- as you FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Megan Stine and H. William Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (April 1985)
    • ISBN: 0-345-32320-3

    Indiana Jones and the Gold of Genghis Khan (#9)

    No Caption Provided
    You and Indiana Jones set off in search of THE GOLD OF GENGHIS KHAN.
    You are spending your summer vacation in Venice with your cousin Indy when you discover the lost diary of Marco Polo-- and read about the vast treasure hidden by Genghis Khan! Now you're on your way to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, to see if the diary's mysterious clues can help you locate the gold.
    Of course, you're not the only ones after the treasure. Mussolini and his Fascist troops want it very badly-- and will do anything to beat you to it. So get ready to encounter the harsh extremes of the Gobi Desert... a killer snow leopard... a ferocious band of mongol bandits... even a pack of wolves! And remember, every incredible step of the way, the moves are up to you. You decide what paths to follow as you FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Ellen Weiss
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (May 1985)
    • ISBN: 0-345-32409-9

    Indiana Jones and the Ape Slaves of Howling Island (#16)

    No Caption Provided
    Off the coast of Eastern China, archaeologist Billie Simpson is leading a dig for Malaysian artifacts on Howling Island when her expedition is raided by a crazed scientist who threatens to kill them all. Barely escaping with her life, Billie now desperately wants to return to the island to find her brother.
    A foul wind blows off Howling Island-- and an eerie sound, too. Nobody knows where the bone-chilling noise is coming from. Yet there are much graver concerns: shocking double crosses, vicious attack dogs, a nation of brainwashed six-hundred-pound gorillas, and one dangerous, demonic man with wicked ideas for some very hideous experiments....
    Race along with R. L. STINE -- master of perilous thrills and icy chills -- as he takes you and the intrepid Indiana Jones on the adventure of your life! But remember: Your fate is in your hands!
    • Written By: R. L. Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (December 1986)
    • ISBN: 0-345-33882-0

    Indiana Jones and the Mask of the Elephant (#17)

    No Caption Provided
    YOU and Indiana Jones cannot rest until you find THE MASK OF THE ELEPHANT.
    Legend has it, deep in the Congo one thousand years ago, an enormous elephant terrorized an African tribe. To ward off the creature's angry spirit, the tribesmen fashioned a glittering gold and diamond elephant mask. Soon after, the killer bull vanished. And so did the priceless mask.
    But now Indiana Jones is cracking his whip in the Congo. And fortunately for you: first he interrupts your visit with some imposing dinner hosts and then the hair-raiding search begins, with you and Indy meeting the likes of 12-foot crocs, hostile natives with poison darts, and the insidious rival archaeologist C.P. Smythe. Along the way YOU make the decisions that will lead you and Indy to the precious elephant mask and the return of a legend-- as you FIND YOUR FATE.
    • Written By: Megan Stine and H. William Stine
    • Publisher: Ballantine Books (February 1987)
    • ISBN: 0-345-33883-9

    Young Indiana Jones Novels

    Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure

    No Caption Provided
    Ticket to treasure-- and trouble!
    Lizzie Ravenall is desperate. She's got to trace the treasure that vanished from her family's Carolina plantation just before the Civil War. Could it be hidden somewhere on the Underground Railroad, the old escape route used by slaves?
    Lizzie must begin her search-- but she's not alone! Vicious, money-hungry villains are in hot pursuit.
    Who can she turn to? Indiana Jones -- eager young adventurer -- at her service!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (July 1980)
    • ISBN: 0-679-80579-6

    Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror

    No Caption Provided
    Blood-chilling adventure in sun-baked Egypt.
    Young Indiana Jones has some questions:
    • Where did a street kid get a priceless gold ring?
    • Why does a German archaeologist say the Pharaoh's tomb is empty?
    • What lies beneath the trapdoor in the Valley of the Kings?
    The answers may cost Indy-- his life!
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (July 1990)
    • ISBN: 0-679-80581-8

    Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death

    No Caption Provided
    "Herman, is that stone bleeding?"
    What is going on? Indy and his friend Herman are in England exploring a mysterious ruin called Stonehenge. But the ancient stones are doing some strange and scary things. And lurking nearby is a pack of sinister, dark-robed men-- led by a real-life wizard!
    The wizard's plans threaten the peace of the world. Is anybody brave enough -- or crazy enough -- to try and stop him? But of course-- young Indiana Jones!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (July 1990)
    • ISBN: 0-679-80578-8

    Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City

    No Caption Provided
    A visit to Turkey seems like fun. But that's before young Indiana Jones falls into the clutches of power-hungry fanatics!
    Why are they living in an underground city? And what's so special about that ancient knife they own? Indy had better think fast -- real fast -- if he wants to save his skin!
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (June 1990)
    • ISBN: 0-679-80580-X

    Young Indiana Jones and the Princess of Peril

    No Caption Provided
    How do you spell "danger" in Russia? Try P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S!
    Indy has a new friend with royal blood. What's more, she's involved in a revolutionary plot. The Russian secret police are after her-- and they aren't the only ones!
    But will Indy ever desert another kid? No way!
    Once they pair up, terror's on their trail, from the golden palaces of St. Petersburg to the distant oil fields of Baku. And Baku could be their last stop... forever!
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (April 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-679-81178-8

    Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge

    No Caption Provided
    Special delivery... deadly delivery!
    What brings Indy to France? Unbeatable attractions: a secret grave... a skeleton in knight's armor... a mysterious letter from a long-dead king!
    Indy wants to buy the letter for his professor dad-- it could lead to a treasure. But watch out, Indy! Other people are after it too-- people with masks and daggers and guns. And keep an eye on that beautiful gypsy fortuneteller who offers help. Does she want to tell fortunes-- or steal them?
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (April 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-679-81179-6

    Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders

    No Caption Provided
    A holiday in Wales... in the shadow of terror!
    The Wales that Indy visits is coal country. But long ago King Arthur and his warriors roamed there. So it's a great place to explore. And sure enough, Indy finds an ancient treasure!
    But he finds danger as well... a ruthless plot to put a coal mine out of business! When Indy discovers who's behind it, he could be put out of business too.
    Before Indy knows it, he's running for his life... and straight into more trouble-- a band of ghostly riders!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (April 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-679-81180-X

    Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of Ruby Cross

    No Caption Provided
    What I Did on My Spring Vacation by Indiana Jones
    • took a trip to New York City
    • met a great guy named Roberto at a street brawl
    • saved Roberto from burning up
    • went hunting for Roberto's stolen ruby cross
    • saved Roberto on the subway
    • crashed a party with a girlfriend
    • saved Roberto from a deadly curse
    • lost Roberto
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (April 1991)
    • ISBN: 0-679-81181-8

    Young Indiana Jones and the Titanic Adventure

    No Caption Provided
    The biggest, grandest ship in the world-- and it's unsinkable!
    Indy's impressed. The Titanic, a fabulous new ocean liner, has everything-- swimming pools, Turkish baths, French cafes. Everything, that is, but enough lifeboats for all the passengers.
    Indy's got his hands full. First, he has to keep an eye on his former tutor, Miss Seymour. She's inherited a fortune, and Indy suspects the retired colonel who's courting her is a shark. Indy's also promised to help hide a beautiful Irish stowaway. But what's worse, he's overheard a mysterious conversation in German about blowing up the ship.
    Luckily, there's a man of authority on board Indy can trust. Or can he?
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (September 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-679-84925-4

    Young Indiana Jones and the Lost Gold of Durango

    No Caption Provided
    There's gold in them thar hills!
    Actually, the gold is stashed in the ancient cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, Colorado. It's bank loot from Durango, swiped by the notorious Butler Brothers. They went to jail years ago. The gold's just waiting to be found. And young Indiana Jones can't wait to find it!
    The search ought to be a cinch. After all, Indy's teamed up with his Pueblo friend Jay, who's got inside information.
    But Indy has no idea how many varmints lurk in Mesa Verde... rattlesnakes, a gun-waving oldtimer, and the Butler Brothers themselves. Get ready, Indy, for the showdown of your life!
    • Written By: Megan Stine and H. William Stine
    • Publisher: Random House (October 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-679-84926-2

    Young Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon

    No Caption Provided
    "The dragon has chosen you, boy!"
    So says the ancient Chinese priest, but Indy can't wait to get rid of the bejeweled gold dragon. Never mind that it might have magical powers. Holding on to this priceless little statue is dangerous to Indy's health!
    Countless thugs are eager to grab the dragon. And they won't stop at murder to get it. Indy's got to find a worthy new owner fast-- if he wants to survive his trip to China!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1994)
    • ISBN: 0-679-85092-9

    Young Indiana Jones and the Journey to the Underworld

    No Caption Provided
    "Don't look back when you leave!"
    That's what master thief Markos Kourou tells Young Indy when he releases the boy from his island hideaway. And Indy knows he should obey. Didn't the ancient Greek hero Orpheus get into big trouble when he disobeyed the same order from Pluto, the ruler of the underworld?
    But Kourou is no Greek god. And he's definitely not to be trusted-- not after swiping a famous golden bowl in broad daylight and kidnapping a beautiful maiden to boot.
    Still, Indy's visit to Greece has been a near replay of the tragic Orpheus legend. Does Indy dare ignore its lesson. Should he look back anyway?
    • Written By: Megan Stine and H. William Stine
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1994)
    • ISBN: 0-679-85458-4

    Young Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Fire

    No Caption Provided
    Trouble in paradise!
    It's 1914, and Indy's marooned in Hawaii, far from the war in Europe. But even in these peaceful tropical islands, there are signs that something more than sunbathing and surfing is going on!
    First, there's the mysterious appearance of Pele, the ancient volcano-dwelling goddess of fire. Next, there are the devious German spies roaming the shores. And then, there's Indy, determined as always to be in on the action. But when he and his friend Lizzie uncover a perilous plot to destroy British shipping in the Pacific, they find themselves headed toward the gaping crater of a deadly volcano!
    Indy and Lizzie need a miracle to save them. In desperation, they turn to Pele-- but will the ancient goddess answer their call?
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (September 1994)
    • ISBN: 0-679-86384-2

    Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' Loot

    No Caption Provided
    "Find my father..."
    Indy can hardly believe his eyes. Can a young girl's ghost really be asking him for help? Or is it just a trick of the Maine fog?
    Ghost or no ghost, Indy's determined to find out why Ezra Chase, an eccentric man who claimed to have a map to hidden pirate treasure, mysteriously disappeared years ago.
    But uncovering the truth won't be easy-- even for young Indiana Jones! The entire town is searching for the lost loot. Will Indy be able to help the ghost find her father and bag the booty-- or will somebody beat them to it? It's a dangerous, all-out treasure hunt in New England!
    • Written By: J.N. Fox
    • Publisher: Random House (November 1994)
    • ISBN: 0-679-86433-4

    Young Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Tiger

    No Caption Provided
    Don't touch that amulet!
    That's the advice the royal guard gives Young Indy and his new friend Prince Kasim. But Kasim refuses to listen, and begins wearing the ancient tiger's-eye amulet around his neck.
    When a tiger is seen stalking the area, Indy notices that Kasim has mysteriously disappeared. Could his friend have changed into that dread legendary Indian beast-- the weretiger?
    It's up to Indy to find out-- and to save his friend from the curse of the amulet!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1995)
    • ISBN: 0-679-86992-1

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Novelizations

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Mummy's Curse

    No Caption Provided
    Nine-year-old Indy's excitement at learning about archaeology from none other than Lawrence of Arabia soon sours when a man guarding a newly opened tomb is murdered.
    • Written By: Megan Stine and H. William Stine
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-6798-2774-9
    • Novelization Of: ?

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Field of Death

    No Caption Provided
    Young Indiana Jones will do anything to be where the action is!
    A new name, a new birth date, a new identity get him to France and right into the thick of World War I.
    As Corporal Henri Defense, a Belgian courier, Indy carries messages between two different wars: The safe war at staff headquarters, where generals plan battles on the maps. And the real war in the trenches of Verdun, where soldiers die in appalling numbers.
    Indy is horrified by what he sees. And he's desperate when he learns his wounded buddy, Remy, is being sent back to the trenches. How can he save Remy from certain death?
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-679-82775-7
    • Novelization Of: Season 1 Episode 5 - Verdun, September 1916

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Safari Sleuth

    No Caption Provided
    Indy stalks adventure!
    Camping out in a tent in the African bush, being taught to shoot by ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, escaping a hungry lion, and eating fried wildebeest... What ten-year-old boy could ask for more?
    Young Indiana Jones could! Sure, he's having a great time, but when he hears about the fringe-eared oryx -- a rare breed of antelope that Roosevelt just can't seem to find -- he's determined to track it down!
    What Indy doesn't bargain for is the mystery surrounding the oryx, the danger involved in finding it, or just how far his search will take him....
    • Written By: A.L. Singer
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-679-82776-5
    • Novelization Of: Season 1 Episode 4 - British East Africa, September 1909

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Secret Peace

    No Caption Provided
    One tough job!
    Wanted: Spy to cross enemy lines, escort two princes in disguise to Austrian emperor in Vienna.
    Object: Obtain secret letter for French Prime Minister.
    Goal: Early end to World War I.
    Obstacles: Reckless traveling companions, enemy spies, secret police, ruthless kidnappers, etc.
    Requirements: Speak French and German. Work and play well with others. Must be cunning, fast on feet, good driver. Strong nerves a definite plus.
    Only one person can do this job: Young Indiana Jones!
    • Written By: William McCay
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-679-82777-3
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 2 - Austria, March 1917

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Trek of Doom

    No Caption Provided
    Indy battles an invisible foe!
    The chance to drive the Germans out of Africa sounds like a dream to Young Indiana Jones and his pal, Remy. Not only are they leaving the nightmare of the war in Europe, but they're suddenly officers. Their luck seems too good to be true... And it is!
    Major Boucher, their commanding officer, is a stickler for discipline. And he can't stand Indy.
    But when Indy's company goes on an expedition across the continent, the major is only part of the problem. Indy discovers a killer much more powerful than German gunfire. One by one the killer picks off its victims-- black, white; officer, soldier; young, old. It takes many forms, but it adds up to one thing... disease!
    Maybe Indy can survive Major Boucher, but what about the unseen killer?
    • Written By: Les Martin
    • Publisher: Random House (February 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-679-83237-8
    • Novelization Of: Season 1 Episode 6 - German East Africa, December 1916

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Revolution!

    No Caption Provided
    A good spy and a good friend-- can Indy be both?
    Young Indiana Jones is in Russia, where there's just been a revolution! The Russian people knocked the Czar off his throne. But now the Communists are threatening to take over. Will there be another revolution? When?
    The French embassy has spies all over the place trying to find out. Indy's stuck in the embassy basement decoding their reports, but he's dying to be an agent himself. He'll do anything to see action!
    His best chance is to pump his young Communist friends. Can Indy trick them into spilling the date of the uprising? Then he'll get the job he wants. He'll be a real spy! Maybe he can pull it off-- but is he willing to betray his friends?
    • Written By: Gavin Scott
    • Publisher: Random House (October 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-679-83238-6
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 8 - Petrograd, July 1917

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Race to Danger

    No Caption Provided
    Is Indy on a collision course?
    War is raging in Europe. Some Americans are worried, but in New Jersey, Young Indiana Jones's main concern is getting his date, Nancy, to the high school dance in style. Her dad says Indy can drive his snazzy foreign car. That is, if some genius can fix it!
    The quest for help leads Indy and Nancy to Thomas Edison's laboratories-- just as a daring crime occurs. Intruders make off with Edison's top-secret plans for war machines and for his pet project-- an electric car battery. And that's not all! They've got his ace scientist as well. The crooks steer the police down a dead-end street, but Nancy and Indy aren't fooled. Still... their schemes to track down the bad guys could backfire.
    • Written By: Stephanie Calmenson
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-679-84388-4
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 7 - Princeton, February 1916

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Prisoner of War

    No Caption Provided
    The Germans have Indy right where they want him-- locked up!
    It's World War I. Indy's been captured and marched off to a grim prison camp. He isn't behind the barbed wire long before he's caught trying to tunnel out. The Germans send him to their most dreaded prison of all-- Dusterstadt. The ancient stone fortress is an island towering above the swirling waters of the Danube River. no one has ever escaped-- and lived!
    Indy's fellow prisoner is Captain Charles de Gaulle, a born leader and brilliant strategist. Together they hatch a daring plan.
    Will it bring freedom... or death?
    • Written By: Sam Mclean
    • Publisher: Random House (May 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-679-84389-2
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 2 (Somme, Early August 1916) & 3 (Germany, Mid-August 1916)

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles UK Novelizations

    The River of Death

    No Caption Provided
    East Africa, 1916. Young Indiana Jones transfers from the front at Verdun to fight with the Belgians in Africa. The Great War has spread, bringing with it the chaos and fear that rack Europe. But the German army has the upper hand and the Belgians desperately need new artillery to stave off defeat.
    So Indy is dispatched on a dangerous journey to obtain new supplies. He treks across arid plains, hacks through dense jungles and sails down disease-ridden rivers. For Indiana, however, this mission of war takes on a new meaning when he meets a man of peace.
    • Written By: Nigel Robinson
    • Publisher: Fantail (January 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-14-090364-X
    • Novelization Of: Season 1 Episode 6 (German East Africa, December 1916) & 7 (Congo, January 1917)

    The Day of Destiny

    No Caption Provided
    Verdun 1916. Young Indiana Jones enlists as a courier in the Belgian Army. He witnesses at first-hand the many horrors of modern warfare: the bravery and the squalid trenches on the infantry men, the outdated tactics and the rich lifestyle of the officers.
    When Indy has to carry orders which will certainly mean many unnecessary deaths, he is faced with a stark choice. Does he disobey an order and face the consequences? Or does he deliver the order and watch his comrades die? For Indy, this is his Day of Destiny.
    • Written By: Nigel Robinson
    • Publisher: Fantail (January 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-14-090363-1
    • Novelization Of: Season 1 Episode 5 - Verdun, September 1916

    The Secret Treaty

    No Caption Provided
    Vienna, 1917. A city of history, culture and treachery. Dispatched by the French Secret Service to Austria, Young Indiana Jones has a seemingly impossible mission -- to end World War One.
    As battles rage on the Western Front, Indy now becomes involved in a secret war for peace, but his new task has many dangers. There are those who would prefer the war to continue, not least German Intelligence, who will stop at nothing to prevent Indy from delivering his letter of hope.
    • Written By: Nigel Robinson
    • Publisher: Fantail (January 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-14-090365-8
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 1 - Austria, March 1917

    The Rule of Russia

    Russia 1917. It's summer and revolution is in the air. After years of tyrannical rule, the Tsar has been overthrown. But who will control the chaos now the old order is gone? Young Indiana Jones is sent to Petrograd to find out.
    As an 'adviser' to the French Embassy, it is Indy's duty to keep his commanders informed of all Bolshevik activities. However, as a good companion of leading communists, Sergei and Irena, Indy's friendship should prevail -- but will it, when put to the test?
    • Written By: Nigel Robinson
    • Publisher: Fantail (January 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-14-090366-6
    • Novelization Of: Season 2 Episode 8 - Petrograd, July 1917

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Find Your Fate Series

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Valley of the Kings (One of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    The curse of an ancient tomb...
    The fabled City of Flowers...
    A nighttime trip up the Nile...
    A secret passage inside an ancient pyramid... and
    A lesson about archaeology...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1908, and you are traveling with your parents, Professor Henry and Anna Jones, and your tutor, Helen Seymour. Your father is about to give a series of lectures in Egypt. There you will explore the ancient land of the pharaohs and get to meet many famous figures in history, among them Lawrence of Arabia and famed archaeologist Howard Carter.
    Will you encounter a cursed tomb? Or will you make an astounding archaeological discovery? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (June 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29756-2

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: South of the Border (Two of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    A train hijacked by Mexican revolutionaries...
    A vast desert surrounded by enemies...
    A crash landing of a military biplane...
    A desperate attack against a well-armed fortress... and
    A lesson in the corruption of power...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1916, and you are on spring break, traveling with your cousin Frank. On the U.S.-Mexico border, you become involved in the Mexican Revolution. you also get to meet many famous figures in history, including Pancho Villa, General Pershing, and George S. Patton.
    Will you survive the firing squad? Or will you become a key participant in the Mexican Revolution? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-54060-2

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Revolution in Russia (Three of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    A dangerous chase in U-boat infested waters...
    Dodging sniper fire during a political uprising...
    On hand for a historical speech by Lenin...
    The jazz clubs after dark...
    An attempt to overthrow the provisional government... and
    A lesson in politics and the desire for change...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1917, and you are traveling through Russia, working as an undercover spy for the French embassy. There you will experience life during wartime, and political chaos and debate. You'll also get to meet many famous figures in history, such as Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, and the famous reporter John Reed.
    Will you continue your career as a spy? Or will you be? Caught by reactionaries and get swept up in the Russian Revolution? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (August 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29784-8

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Masters of the Louvre (Four of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    A race across the rooftops of Paris...
    The cafés of France after dark...
    A free-for-all at the Moulin Rouge...
    A guided tour through the galleries of the Louvre... and
    A lesson in the meaning of art...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1908, and you are in Paris, traveling with your parents, Professor Henry and Anna Jones, and your tutor, Miss Helen Seymour. While sightseeing, you become involved with the artists whose latest art movement will soon sweep the globe. You'll also get to meet many famous figures in history, such as Pablo Picasso, Degas, Georges Braque, Henri Rousseau, and Norman Rockwell.
    Will you solve the humorous mix-up of a cubist painting? Or will you join a group of artists who changed the way we see the world? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (December 1992)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29969-7

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: African Safari (Five of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    On safari with President Theodore Roosevelt...
    Captured by a warlike nomadic tribe...
    Charged by a man-eating hippopotamus...
    Riding on a train through the African savannah... and
    Learning a lesson in the relationship between man and nature...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1909, and you and your parents are traveling through British East Africa, invited to spend time on a friend's coffee plantation. When you arrive, you join a safari searching for the incredibly rare fringe-eared oryx-- and soon become involved in a very dangerous hunt. You'll also get to meet larger-than-life President Theodore Roosevelt, peaceful Kikuyu tribesmen, and the warlike Maasai.
    Will you be bitten by poisonous snakes? Or will you find the fringe-eared oryx and save it from extinction? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (February 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-553-29953-0

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Behind the Great Wall (Six of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    Witness the building of the Great Wall of China...
    Journey down the Hooghly River...
    Get captured by Chinese revolutionaries...
    Explore the Forbidden City... and
    Learn a lesson in Eastern medicine and ancient teachings...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1910, and you and your parents are traveling to China. There you'll become involved with thieves and revolutionaries, and catch a perilous case of typhoid. You'll also get to meet the boy emperor P'u-i, agents of the pro-democracy revolutionary underground, and the Chinese scholar Yen Fu.
    Will you die of a dreadful disease? Or will you be the first to explore the fabulous Forbidden City and meet the boy emperor? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (April 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56103-0

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Roaring Twenties (Seven of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    A high-speed car chase through the back streets of Chicago...
    Solve the mystery of a gangland assassination...
    The jazz clubs after dark...
    Crime solving with the future "untouchable" Eliot Ness... and
    A lesson in the effects of racial prejudice...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1920, and you are a student, studying at the University of Chicago. There you'll be working in a restaurant after classes, and come up against some of the gangsters who have taken over the city, such as the notorious Al Capone and "Big Jim" Colosimo. you'll also become part of the jumping jazz scene in Chicago.
    Will you fall victim to organized crime? Or will you learn to jazz on your saxophone with the best musicians of all time? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (July 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56348-3

    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Irish Rebellion (Eight of Eight)

    No Caption Provided
    Meet the playwright Sean O'Casey at the famous Abbey Theatre...
    Walk the streets of Dublin with the writer James Joyce...
    Become friends with the future prime minister of Ireland...
    Witness the struggle for Irish Independence...
    and learn a lesson from the plight of the Irish people of the time...
    These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.
    The year is 1916, and you and your friend Remy are in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. There you look for a job to raise money for your travels, and you witness the struggle for Irish Independence. In the process, you get to meet many towering figures of Irish history, such as the writers James Joyce and Sean O'Casey, and the poet William Butler Yeats.
    Will you take a job as a British agent? Or will you become friends with members of the Irish underground? Only you, as Indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.
    • Written By: Richard Brightfield
    • Publisher: Bantam Books (November 1993)
    • ISBN: 0-553-56349-1

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