Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Movie » Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom released on May 23, 1984.

    The continued adventures of the tomb raiding Indiana Jones.

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    Taking place before Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom follows Indiana Jones' quest to recover a sacred artifact from a evil cult. It once again starred Harrison Ford as the adventurous Dr. Jones, although this time he was accompanied by kid sidekick Short Round, and the female singer Willie Scott.



    In 1935 (1 year before the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark) Indiana Jones barley escapes from the Shanghai crime boss Lao Che who had even poisoned Indiana. He leaves the country in a place, which (unknown to him) is owned by Lao Che, along with his eleven year old sidekick Short Round and a singer named Willie Scott , who Indiana picked up whilst escaping from Lao Che. The pilots use the only two parachutes to leave the plane which then crashes over the Himalayas. Before it actually crashes though Indiana, Short Round, and Willie escape on an inflatable boat which takes them to Mayapore, a village in the north of India.

    The villagers believe that Indiana, Short Round, and Willie have been sent by the Hindu god Shiva to help them retrieve a sacred Sivalinga stone, and their children, both of whom were stolen from them, and taken by Thuggee cult to Pankot Palace. Indiana realises that the stone may be one of the five mythical Sankara stones, which are meant to bring fortune and glory.

    The trio head for Pankot Palace and once there are greeted by Prime Minister Chattar Lal and the Maharajah Zalim Singh, who Willie realises once he appears is only a child. During a banquet Indiana brings up the villagers accusations which offends Chattar Lal. Later after arguing with Willie, Indiana is attacked by an assassin. Indiana then searches Willie’s room and finds a secret passage way which is full of booby traps and bugs.

    Once past the booby traps they find the Thuggee cult, lead by their evil high priest Mola Ram, who are worshiping the Hindu goddess Kali with a human sacrifice. Indiana notice that the Thuggee have three of the five Sankara stones, as well as having the children, including the Maharajah mine for the remaining two. Whilst tying to steal the stones Indian and the others are captured. Indiana is then whipped and forced to drink the Blood of Kali which puts him into a trance state called the Black Sleep of Kali Ma.

    Indiana now in the trance is forced to help them as they try to sacrifice Willie until Short Round (who has escaped from the mine) burns him with a torch knocking him out of the trance. Indiana (who has fended of the guards) and Short Round rescue Willie and they set of to free the children. During this the Maharajah, who is still under the same trance Indiana was in tries to stop him using Voodoo. Short Round then goes up and fights with the Maharajah eventually using a torch on him to knock him out of the trance the same way he did with Indiana. The Maharajah tells Short Round the correct passage out of the mine and the trio leave on a cart being chased by two groups of Mola Ra’s men.

    After escaping the mine they are cornered over a bridge by Mola Ra and him men. Indiana after telling Short Round and Willie in code to hang on cuts the rope and the few of Mola Ra’s men remaining, Mola Ra himself, Indiana, Short Round and Willie are left hanging. Indiana uses an incantation on the stones which turn them red hot, with two of them falling into the water below. Mola Ram then falls in after trying to catch the remaining red hot stone which Indiana catches after it’s cooled down.

    The Thuggee across the river try shooting Indiana with arrows until the British Indian Army from Pankot arrive. Indiana, Short Round and Willie then return the stone to the village, along with the already returned children.



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