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The Bolder

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      This film.....It's magic pure and simple. This film is so iconic that it is engraved in our cultural memory it is that epic there are things in this movie that even if you never even seen the film (Which is a Sin and the 11th Commandment which goes "Thou Shall Watch Raiders of the Lost Arc and bask in it's epicness or face my Wrath!") you know about it you got the Melting Nazis the Gestapo officer who is probably the most classic Indiana Jones villain ever and the Bolder....Oh that beautiful Bolder that bolder is just epic it is the most memorable booby trap in cinematic history you hear that Jigsaw this rock is more memorable then any of your crap so suck it puppet boy! I love this move it is my favorite adventure film of all time that spawned 2 equally great sequels and one not so great one but overall this film franchise has a lot to be proud of. Harrison Ford let me just say from the bottom of my heart thank you thank for this contribution to the cinematic art form that is how classic this movie is to me so with out any future delay lets open the arc and see what comes out.
       Here we get introduced to some of the most classic characters ever Marcus Brody, Marion Ravenwood, and last but certainly not least INDIANA JONES the Sultan of action the King of adventure and the Emperor of ass kicking for the 1st time on the silver screen and even without saying anything for the opening of the film he lets his actions speak for him by fending off an assassin using his iconic Bullwhip. I've always wondered why Indy had this I know it's come in handy numerous times over the years but still it just seems kinda out of place you know. Now the Story is about as simple as it can be and as I always say it's the simplest things that can be the best things and never did that saying hold more true then with this film it's all about Indy's search for the Arc while at the same time trying to save a girl who isn't as inept as the average damsel in distress which is a breath of fresh air in the movie industry considering the inept female in distress has been done to death in comics and films these days. You know what I'll always find funny about Indy? How unlucky the poor guy is he's scared of snakes yet every movie he's been in he's had to face them down not to mention he always comes home empty handed at the end of each film unless you count getting the girl in that case score but other then that he goes through all this shit nearly dying and just barely making it but gets nothing for all his hard work.
      I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this bad boy gets the stamp of approval till next time folks.
Raiders of the Lost Ark


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I agree with your eleventh commandment and add my wrath to your own- this film is such a wonderfully crafted action/melodrama that it almost hurts.  
Oh, and thanks Raiders for saving Harrison's career from Star Wars. This came out right after Empire and its success led to Harrison being (arguably) the only actor to make it out of that franchise with his career intact. Yeah, Mark has done stellar voice work and Carrie has done some TV but Harrison is the only one who went on to cinematic fame and fortune, largely thanks to Indy.

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