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For Asgrad...Nay.....FOR MIDGARD!

This is the epic Conclusion to the "Gods And Monsters". This has been my favorite title in Marvel now so far, up until this point no other series has managed to impress me as much as this series has, and yes, i'm a hulk fan but i'm not saying this due to my adoration for the character.

Now on to the review. As usual i like to start with the art. I'll admit that i am not a general fan of Walts art, it's fun but it's not something i love. Anyways, he has really outdone himself on this one, the story telling is amazing and i see why people like him so much. This is one of his best Work if you ask me.

the story basically picks off where the last one left off. one of the best things about the issue is the relationship between banner and his assistants. I am glad that they aren't just there for the sake of being present. Patty has been dealing with some serious stuff in the past, and she and banner discuss this, and it was very interesting, consdiering that banner himself has been in dark places before, especially when the mindless hulk took over, so he can sympathies with his co-workers. One of the best things about waid is the fact that he is very smart, and it can be clearly seen in his writing. Props to waid for providing a scientific theory to why people can or cannot lift mjolnir, and the electro magnetic field plan was very intriguing , it is exactly this type of awesome si-fi stories that truly stands out for me.

The story quickly heats up which turns into an amazing battle. it's been years since i've last remembered a good thor/ hulk team up, and waid was definitely keen on introducing such an epic adventure. The Banter between hulk and thor is amazing, and the two of the work so well together that it made me very happy to once again see the two titans fight side by side. Waid also managed to show of banners awesome intellect and hulks power/durability as well. I mean, hulk survives absolute Zero, and he has never managed to do that before. At the beginning hulks powers were a little downgraded, but here the jade giant is given a good chance to smash.

Though unfortunately this issue isn't without it's problems. While the story was epic, it felt rushed a bit, a few things wrapped up kinda quickly and it wasn't as awesome as it could have been, However, that being said, it's still a great issue, and a great conclusion, and even though i originally gave this a 4/5, i decided in the end that such an epic battle, mixed with a scientific adventure, should get a max.

Waid has honestly done tremendous work.

Recommendation: SMASH!

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