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    I love this series this is the best Marvel Now! Series I have read hands down I hoped this series would be good and it definitely is one of the best series out there.


    Maria Hill interviews several candidates who want to work as Bruce Banner’s lab assistants. A.I.M tries to capture Proffesor Burke but are ambushed by S.H.I.E.l.D but they fight them off and go to a volcano where they have built a base but Bruce Banner appears and turns into the Hulk.


    This was a great issue and is a great continuation of the series but it doesn’t measure up to the first one I mean it wasn’t bad I just had a problem or two with this issue. One of the things I was interested to read with this issue was Banner’s new lab assistants as I wanted to see who would be mad enough (only joking) to take the job and we do see that in this issue. I also wanted to see Hulk finally fight a villain again since last issue there wasn’t a real fight with a villain just a Hulk Iron Man brawl and I wanted to see Hulk earn his title of Indestructible since he hasn’t proven himself indestructible yet as this series promised but this issue does deliver that. Also a real surprise with this issue was the final introduction of the Robot we saw on the cover to the first issue and it was nice to finally see him since the series was announced way back.

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    The opening scene of this issue is between Maria Hill and Bruce‘s new lab assistants. Mark Waid has always been very clever with Dialogue and it has already been present in this and Daredevil, he probably is one of the few people in comics at the minute who can write an engaging conversation between two characters for over a page and it is definitely evident in the early parts of the issue as Waid keeps introducing new elements to the conversation building it and then linking it in very smoothly to the next scene. I also liked how varied they are in personality because they are varied I can’t wait to see them interact with Bruce and see how it goes.

    We then get a build up after this to the fight scene between Hulk and Quintronic man. First off we have an interesting but short lived fight between A.I.M and S.H.I.E.L.D agents it does lead in well to the main part of the issue. What I liked about this is that Bruce is combining his brain power with Hulk’s strength by that I mean he gets the Hulk into the correct place using his brain power and strategically placing him in the best place so that the Hulk can let loose and do the damage. It just works very well and as far as I know it hasn’t been done before but I haven’t read a lot so I don’t know any way I really liked it and I hoped to see more of this combination more often as there are so many possibilities with this.

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    We then lead onto one of the most explosive fight scenes I’ve seen in comics for a while. The main reason for it being so explosive is that the A.I.M base that the Hulk attacks is in a volcano and Mark Waid uses to full extent in this issue as he busts up the volcano and Lava spills out. But before I get to more on that I just want to talk about one line in this issue from Maria Hill as she says that the Hulk is a W.M.D I just thought this added a lot to the issue and brought a lot of tension as to what Hulk was about to do. We eventually get to the fight with the Quintronic man and well I’m a little disappointed not necessarily what happens in it don’t get me wrong I loved what happened I thought it was very inventinve with the choice using a Volcano and the Lava it was very nicely done it just ends quickly and I thought it could have lasted longer as the Quintronic man only really comes into action right at the end of the Volcano scene it was just a little disappointing not a major problem as what happened in it was inventive just the fight which was highlighted on the cover could have lasted a few more panels. The could news is that Hulk does earn the title of Indestructible in this issue as he does manage to stand up to a lot in this issue and for anyone who has been complaining about Hulk not being powerful enough there is no excuse now. I’m still off put as to why Hulk can’t talk? I mean he hasn’t said anything sure Bruce Banner has but it just seems a little odd maybe Waid is just building up suspense?

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    Oh and right at the end of the issue we see the introduction of R.O.B!!! Who is the helmet seen on the cover to issue #1 and well his appearance is short and well very amusing. I mean not only is what happens perfectly executed but this maybe the only time that the little title block giving hints as to what is happening in the next issue has made me laugh seriously it is very funny.

    The art I love Lenil Yu I love his distinctive style and he brings so much energy to this book but this maybe his best effort yet I have never seen a Hulk that ever looked this good in my life! Seriously he is powerful fast and at certain points creepy! Seriously I hope Lenil Yu stays on the book (I know he’s not on issue 6 but I hope he comes back) since this is probably the best looking Marvel Now! Book, it is amazing every way!


    This was a fantastic issue in this already amazing series and I can’t wait for the next issue while not as good as the first two (only held back with one or two problems) it is still great and this definitely earns the series and the Hulk the title of Indestructible.

    4.5 stars


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