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    How Long Can Hulk and Iron Man Get Along Without Fighting?

    The first issue in this series was brilliant, and I'm happy to see the Hulk as a character taken in the right direction, and used properly. if you've read any of my reviews for the previous Incredible Hulk series you'll know that I didn't like it, and that at points I thought it was a joke of a series, so this series start as good as I'd hoped it would was very nice, and I have every faith that Mark Waid will keep writing Hulk with the quality he deserves.


    This issue sees Iron Man visit the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where Banner is working, as he thinks S.H.I.E.L.D. is somehow controlling Banner. Him and Banner have a few words with each other and Iron Man eventually agrees to help Banner with an experiment he's working on, in the Himalayas.


    This was another brilliant issue in what I expect will be a great series. I'm personally very happy that Waid is showing more of Banner in this series, and that finally he's making Banner the scientist he deserves to be. The only small thing I have against this issue was bringing Iron Man into the series as early as he has. Last issue Banner mentioned that he wants some credit for scientific discoveries that have helped mankind, and that he doesn't want people like Iron Man taking all the limelight. Due to this it was inevitable that Iron Man would make an appearance during the series, but the second issue was a bit early in my opinion. I can however easily overlook this as the issue was brilliant, and I'd rather it was as early as it is and brilliant, than have a build up and be rubbish. I do however also hope that the series will form a proper story, as although I've enjoyed both these issues so far it would be nice to see a proper continuing story.

    The art in this issue was amazing, and Leinil Francis Yu continues making the Hulk look fantastic. I've always loved Yu's artwork, and think it really suits this series. I've always loved how he can easily show of the characteristics of characters, whilst putting his own uniqueness to the series, as you can both recognise who the characters are straight away, and that it was drawn by Yu, which is always I nice thing. The detail in his art is also a thing I've always loved and he doesn't disappoint in this issue. The only thing negative I have to say about his art is that I personally thought his take on the Iron Man Armour in the first couple of pages was a bit awkward looking, especially whilst Iron Man was taking some of it off. I did however like how he drew Iron Man in the later parts of the comic, and still overall love his artwork, and hope he stays on this series for a long time.

    Enter Iron Man
    Enter Iron Man

    The way Iron Man maid his entrance in this issue was brilliant, and I loved that the issue didn't waste any time introducing him. Although I said I didn't much like the art in this particular sequence, I did however like that it was drawn from the perspective of looking up to Iron Man, which gave a more dramatic entrance, which Iron Man is good at doing. I also liked that Iron Man was convinced that S.H.I.E.L.D. somehow must be controlling Banner, and that he finds it so hard to believe that Banner would agree to this, let alone suggest it.

    A Scientific Joke
    A Scientific Joke

    The discussion between Banner and Iron Man throughout this issue were interesting, but I mainly liked when Iron Man walked into Banner laughing. I also loved that this made Iron Man more certain that S.H.I.E.L.D. was controlling him, and it wasn't until Banner pointed out what was so funny that Iron Man began to think otherwise. I also liked that both Iron Man and Banner laughed at this, and that due to it being a scientific calculation that caused this laughter they point out to Maria Hill that she wouldn't get it. It was also interesting seeing Banner and Iron Man talk things out throughout this issue, and that Iron Man starts to understand why Banner's doing this.

    Hulk vs. Iron Man
    Hulk vs. Iron Man

    Hulk also comes out in this issue, and fights Iron Man. It was obvious from hearing that Iron man would be in this issue that they'd fight, it was more of a question of how long it take for them to fight. I liked that during this fight that part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. biosuit Banner was wearing stayed on him when he turned into the Hulk like his purple trousers used to stay intact. The fight itself was brilliant, and I loved Iron Man's feeble attempts to calm Hulk down. It was also interesting seeing Hulk fight with some form of armour on him, as it was shown on the Marvel NOW! teaser image that Hulk would be getting a metal suit of some kind, so it was nice seeing it in this issue. I would also like to see Iron Man back in this series sometime in the future, and would also enjoy seeing other science genius' like Mr. Fantastic make an appearance sometime in the future.

    I also liked that despite everything that happened in this issue that it ended with a nice set-up to the next issue, whilst keeping this a stand-alone issue.

    Final Verdict

    A brilliant continuation to the Marvel NOW! series I'm most excited to read. I would highly recommend this issue, as well as the previous issue, and hope that it keeps at this brilliant level for some time.

    Rating: 5/5

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