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Really Good!


Awesome cover.  It is somewhat representative of what lies inside.  I kinda wish there was a bit more in relation to Pandora's Box, however.

The Good:

This finally feels like a true Hulk comic.  The chemistry between Cho and Banner/Hulk is not new, but it is extremely well done here.  Hell, the chemistry between the two characters gracing the cover is almost perfect.  The humor is not overwhelming; the dialogue feels real.  The incorporation of more Greek mythology into the Marvel universe is awesome, and it is being done very well here.  Years later, I feel that writers and readers alike may be to come back to this arc as the introduction of what has the potential to be used for some pretty cool tales.

The Bad:

I know that Fear Itself happens in its own time frame and this title may or may not have its own crossover with the event, but I don't know where this falls in continuity with the events happening in Fear Itself, which I think may be pretty significant.  Some of the art was awkward, especially panels with Cho, but it's not that horrible.  


Unless I'm mistaken, this is the first time Pandora's Box has been used in the Marvel universe and it's kind of surprising that it has taken this long for a writer to incorporate it, considering how much Greek mythology is already a part of Marvel continuity.  It is very well done here and the character interactions make for a very entertaining issue.  Hopefully Hulk remains in this track and doesn't veer too far from this route.  


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