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    Volume 2 (continued).

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    Continued from the second "adjectiveless" Hulk Vol.2 series. 13 issues of that series were published under the guise of "The Incredible Hulk" series. After 13 issues of that volume, "The Incredible Hulk" series reached it's 600th issue and returned to it's original numbering and name. It continues with yet another title change starting with issue 612, namely Incredible Hulks.

    Legenda for the other 600 Hulk issues.

    The Incredible Hulk volume 1 #1-6.

    Tales to Astonish #1-101. Although this series birth predates the Hulk's by a few years, it is counted because he was co-featured in it after issue 60. Ironically, the Incredible Hulk series in which the Hulk first appeared is not included in the 599 issues preceding this volume.

    The Incredible Hulk volume 2 #102-474. This series continued its numbering from Tales to Astonish but after it's conclusion, Marvel quit using the numbering that would eventually lead to 600 and restarted everything.

    Hulk volume 1 #1-11 (counted as #475-485). A relaunch of the original title. Marvel decided to simply use the title "Hulk" for a mere 11 issues. with issue 12, they realized that "Hulk" just didn't have enough pizazz and they returned the "Incredible" back into the series.

    Incredible Hulk volume 3 #12-112 (counted as #486-586). This series continued it's numbering from the revamped Hulk series with issue 12 and continued up until issue 112 before that series was taken over by the Incredible Hercules and Hulk got a second revamp of his series with a new number 1.

    Hulk volume 2 #1-13 (issues 1-13 are counted as #587-599). The second relaunch, starring the Red Hulk. This series was consider part of "The Incredible Hulk" series for 13 issues, but continued on its own after issue 14.

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