purekiwi's Incredible Hulk #95 - Planet Hulk: Exile, Part 4 of 4 review

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Green and Silver

So this time the Warbound team have to fight their last fight in the arena, and this time their enemy is a familiar one => Silver Surfer


The Good

*The Silver Surfer adds something interesting and refreshing to the comics. Since the beggining of "Planet Hulk" we've only seen red people and some weird bugs, which is nice and interesing, but is definitely not enough for a long time.


*I guess another good thing is that they don't need this arena anymore, which leads the Hulk to a new adventure in this world.


*The coloring here is great, don't know why but it felt better than the older issues => like it.


*There is an improvement in Hulks attitude, finally not so angry and selfish I guess


The Bad

*I admit - this is the first time I read a comics book with Silver Surfer. Too bad he left.


*Too bad the battle was very short. I mean, c'mon- It's their last battle there, I thought it would be much harder and complicated. But whatever =]


*The emperor of Sakaar. I just hate him



That's it generaly. A very nice issue. The drawing and coloring is great and the story gets better. By the way I uploaded a picture from this issue, check out my images :]

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