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Hulk goes toe-to-toe with IRON MAN in a classic super hero showdown!

Playboy Tony Stark's latest girlfriend and companion- Lisa Cummings- has been discovered dead in her apartment, victim of an apparent suicide. In an attempt to defuse a potential scandal, Stark convenes an open forum press conference- during which his attempts to play down the media's questions make him even more suspect... particulary when the press inquires about recent shipments of gamma photons allegedly arriving a the Stark International Labs.

One spectator in particular pricks up his ears- Bruce Banner. What could Stark be doing with such volatile and hazardous element? To find out, Banner begins a one-man surveillance operation of Stark- an operation that ends when Stark confronts him in a moonlit alley. Their conversation is barely underway when a bullet rings out, winging Banner, and unleashing the Hulk.

A brief but brutal brawl between the Hulk and Iron Man ensues- interrupted by the arrival of the police... during which Banner is astonished to find Stark not only covering for him before the officers, but inviting him to stay- incognito- at his famous playboy mansion!

Alone in Stark's own bedroom, Banner finds the conveniently placed diary of Lisa Cummings, with the last page mysteriously ripped out... The mystery only deepens when Banner's reverie is interrupted when the alleyway sniper glides though the window to finish the job he started earlier. Or so Banner thinks.

The assassin discloses it wasn't Banner's life he wanted at all... but revenge on the man he claims murdered his sister, Lisa Cummings: Tony Stark!

Witnessing the above through hidden bedroom cameras, Stark and his trusted butler Jeeves can only wonder if Bruce Banner believes Lisa's purported brother... and more importantly does the Hulk??



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Big green iron machine! 0

   Part one of the Incredible Hulk: Big Things part one. Published under marvel knights it was one of two story arcs to be published under the M.K. banner. Still, it's a allright read.       The story starts off with sort of a flash back of Tony Stark partying it up with a female friend. When it's later revealed that the younge lady is dead of an apparent suicide. When holding a press conference, Tony reveales that she was Dr. Lisa Cummings, and only an aqaintice, while Bruce Banner, the Hulk ha...

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