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    WHO IS THE RED HULK?! THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IS GOING TO TRY AND FIND OUT! GREEN HULK! RED HULK! SPIDEY! SECRETS REVEALED! A STORY SO BIG IT CAN BARELY BE CONTAINED IN THE INCREDIBLE 600TH ISSUE OF HULK! ALL THIS AND A STARTLING SURPRISE ENDING TO TOP ALL THE OTHER SHOCKING SURPRISES THIS HULK BOOK IS KNOWN FOR! The chart-topping team of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness bring you a 600th-issue celebration guest starring your friendly Neighborhood Web-Head as the original Incredible series returns! Plus, back-up story by Fred Van Lente featuring the Savage She-Hulk! And representing the first issue of the Loeb/ Sale HULK: GRAY series.


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    Intimidation tactics 0

    This was a good issue. The story is told from Ben Urich´s point of view, how he and Peter Parker meet with She-Hulk and Doc Samson to find out the true identity of the Red Hulk who later intimidates Urich not to publish any stories.  I think it was a decent story and I really liked the fight between Spider-Man and Red Hulk. Even better was when Hulk rescued Spider-Man and had to pay a high price for this. The art was amazing. But the best thing about this issue was that even the back-up stories ...

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    thanks marvel ;) 0

    when Rulk first started the comic community was a buzz with theories and guesses of who this red hulk might be. like many others i stopped buying this comic just because i was getting tired of giving marvel all of my money, for variant covers and second printings i just wanted to know who rulk is. there were even interviews where loeb said we would kno by issue 6.....but nooope. so then issue 600 came around and i cant stress how dissapointed i am with it. it cost 4.99 and with a heavy price lik...

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    Rulk needs a whooping 0

    Ok my thought on this issue was it was good and yet the mystery remains unsolved. the story gets good as things run along but some people may not like this story i like the story cuz im more likely to accept a story when i see it but you guys may not like it since it has A.I.M involved even MODOK nobody likes MODOK cuz hes douche......head hes a floating head so instead of douche bag for him its douche head and it put a lump in my throat to see that Rulk sucked the gamma radiation out of banner ...

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