ironherc's Incredible Hulk #2 - Hulk: Asunder, Part Two review

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    Aww...Hulk wanted to smash more ugly green sharks....

    After the first issue introducing the green giant’s new life, this issue focuses more on Banner as he is quickly seems to be turning into a villain. Making me remember long ago that Bruce once said that the hulk was protecting the world from him…..could this statement have been true all along? Was banner always meant to do wrong? These answers are not here but it’s another solid issue.

    We start the issue with Betty who is trying to give her marriage a second chance by enjoying a nice sunny day in an abandoned island with Banner….till is revealed that Bruce wanted to be there because of the radiation. She doesn’t take this nice and believes that our ex-hero is not the same person she loved and leaves as the red she hulk. Then we get to see him turning even more cucu for coco puffs, which instead of coco puffs is a giant green monster.....meanwhile in a plane carrier we learn more about the group in charge of getting rid of mad scientists…..which make me wonder why haven’t they tried killing off famous Marvel villains like the members of Intelligencia, Doom among others….they probably just don’t aim that high… we hear that there has been a lot of sunken ships around and we learn that the culprits are……a bunch of green hulked out sharks!!! They sunk the giant ship as Hulk battles them, taking them down easily. And then after reaching shore he rejects Amanda's proposition and leaves, while Banner's loyal pets go after the Moloids to hurt the Hulk.

    The Good:

    Love the art completely; Silvestre is perfect for this title as he can draw great brutal battles, hulks, sexy women in a rough yet detailed fashion. I also like how crazily devoted he is to recover his lost green half as he is doing anything which could end up killing him to get it back. He now has a tumor as well thanks to all the radiation he is putting inside him. But I’ll be honest now, the only reason why I bought this series it was when I saw this cover and saw Hulk Sharks! They are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    The Bad:

    Not enough sharks to smash! But it was still cool seeing hulked out sharks in the first place, but if they would had added 2 more pages of this beautiful awesome creatures, this would had been the most awesome moment in all the issues I bought this month.

    Overall: 4/5

    A good issue which is preparing us to something big on next issue as the war between green giant and now mad scientist is getting closer. We had sexy women, giant green sharks (which I wanted to see more) and insane Banner made this issue a very good one

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