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    Hulk Swim (for a little while anyway)


    Attractive women abound. Wow. Yeah, Betty Ross has never looked so good, regardless what form she takes. And Amanda Von Doom, nice. As not to sound completely sexist, Banner and the Hulk looked good too. ;) But on a more serious note, it did feel overly charged with sexual tension, something that probably could have been avoided. Nevertheless, the story, and some of the background information was a nice addition (as the first issue really threw us right into the "NOW". I did like the introduction of some "new" characters by Amanda, we will see how many issues they tie in to - there is some potential anyway.


    The issue seemed rushed. I realize it reads real fast, because it is mostly pictures, but it just seems like it was cut short. It hopped around a bit between Banner and Hulk, had a flashback, and quite a few scene changes, so I guess that is where this feeling is coming from. It was a lot of good content, just a bit too much, too fast. Also, they should have chosen something else for the cover - the Hulk vs Sharks bit was only in the story for a 1 page panel...

    Monster Fight!
    Monster Fight!


    I would pick it up. It was a good read, a good continuation from Issue 1 - it even answered some questions you may have had from that issue - not the main one of "how did they split", but we do get the message driven home that it was "Hulk's choice". Oh, and OK Amanda, we get it, you are not related to Dr. Doom. :) If nothing else, you will want to read this to know understand the cover of the next issue... Anyway, I liked it, not a perfect score, but well worth a read.




    X-Sanction Exclusive Preview
    X-Sanction Exclusive Preview


    As noted in the content I added for the the page, there is an exclusive preview (which takes up a good chunk of the book) included in the last pages of this issue. While I liked the preview, I would rather have had more Hulk... well Betty anyway. :)

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