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The Illuminati called the Hulk a monster -- and shot him into space. But Amadeus Cho, the boy genius who took on Reed Richards in INCREDIBLE HULK #100, calls the Hulk a hero -- and prepares for his return. With just his big brain, a lot of guts and a few billion dollars stolen from Warren Worthington III, Cho tackles the insane task of building a team of heroes willing to side with the Hulk against the rest of the Marvel Universe. Will Hercules and Angel become the Hulk's Champions? Will Namor be his Defender? And what happens when the Prince of Power meets the Green King on Manhattan's shattered streets?

Hulk’s Warbound discuss their plans for battle on the way to Earth. They size up their primary targets, the Illuminati, but Korg and Brood say that there will be more. “Heroes” like Thor and the X-Men. Hulk says it doesn’t matter because they’re all puny humans, but because they’re puny and scared they’ll call them all monsters and hunt them all across the universe and kill anyone and everyone they love. They join hands as Warbound and promise to stand by him anyway and their robot tells them that they’re getting close to Earth. Before they strike, Korg asks if there are any allies among the humans, but Hulk says if they’re human, they’re not his friends.

On Earth, Amadeus Cho hooks up with Hercules and Angel. He tries to talk them both into teaming up with him to help Hulk. Before they can really say anything, a SHIELD helicarrier appears and orders them to surrender Amadeus to them and not to believe anything he says. Amadeus distracts Hercules and Angel while he activates a device that makes the helicarrier launch missiles at them. Angel flies Amadeus away and Hercules wrecks the flying vessel. Later the trio sit in an internet café and Warren tries to get some money but finds his accounts locked. Amadeus informs Warren that a week earlier he had stolen 1.2 billion dollars just so they’d have money now. He also bought a flying submarine for what they were about to do next, and the desert where Banner became Hulk.

They take the submarine down to Atlantis to talk to Namor and along the way they are hit by a tidal wave. Once they get down there, Namor tells them how stupid they are and that Hulk isn’t a nice guy, he’s a maniac. Right after he tells them that the tidal wave was caused by something near the moon, his cousin Namora comes and plays the video of Hulk and his speech. When Hercules hears that Hulk lost his wife, he identifies with the Jade Giant and wants to help even more. Namor threatens to stop them but Namora stands up to him. She remembers that she had been long forgotten for decades and abandoned by her friends and family and she doesn’t want to do that to Hulk. Namor won’t strike his cousin so he smashes their ship and leaves. The Amadeus fixes the ship and he and his companions head over to New York. On the way they see some Hulk fanatics that are heading to the fight instead of running away. They try to get them away but before they can, Hulk hits Iron Man and sends a shockwave through the city.

Amadeus tries to contact Hulk’s ship but Miek sees him as nothing more than a human and takes their ship out of the sky. Amadeus and his friends fall to the ground near the Hulk fans. They get to work protecting the humans while Hulk and Iron Man fight. Hulk gets up after beating Iron Man and sees all the people. He sees them as enemies and attacks. Hercules tries to stand up to him but gets battered. He eventually seems to get through to Hulk and tells them that they’re all there to help, but will he come to accept their assistance?


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World War H 0

Another entry in the World War Hulk saga. WWH was a great storyline, and this issue is a nice piece to the story. I like the art by Gary Frank, although he does draw some characters oddly. The writing by Greg Pak is also very good. The scene where Hulk seriously beats up Hercules made me feel really bad for Herc. A 4 star issue....

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