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Planet Hulk comes to a close...

The Planet Hulk storyline comes to a close with this issue. The closing moments of the issue are great, but everything leading up to it felt bit rushed. Maybe it was done because everything that happens is kinda predictable unless you've avoided the internet and have no idea what the next story arc (major event) is.

With that said, it's still a good issue. With Planet Hulk coming to a close like this, no one could question Hulk's motivations for what will happen next. Although one would think if Bruce Banner had a chance to examine the situation he would clearly see that the tragedy within these pages was not something calculated, but probably an accident. Of course that's the beauty of this character. One side scientist, the other side raw emotion ready to act no matter the consequences.

The entire Planet Hulk story arc shows that even though the Hulk was sent away because he was deemed too dangerous for the planet Earth, he actually brought peace to another planet that was worse off then Earth. He's gone through hell and back and it was all culminates in this very issue.

This issue does set out what it's meant to do. Close the Planet Hulk chapter and set up the next: World War Hulk. The issue doesn't finish exactly how I thought it was however, and adds something I wasn't really expecting for the WWH event coming up.

It took 14 issues to lead up to the events here, and if what happens in these pages doesn't make you want to pick up World War Hulk nothing will.

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