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Emperor Hulk

Hulk is Emperor! Yeah that's about it for this issue. Hulk spends most of the issue cleaning up the planet... and ummm... yeah that's about it. It all feels really easy, and I'm not sure why this is suppose to be interesting. Maybe I'm being to harsh... but it's my review so feel free to disagree.

It would have been far more interesting if Hulk would have some challenges "making peace", but it all comes off as very easy. The art is still good, and the writing is solid... it's just not a very interesting issue.

It was intriguing to see what the different races expect of Hulk as the emperor. I think it would have been far more interesting if that would have been the focus of the issue, instead of seeing Hulk seemingly "fix" the planet with ease.

The closing moments of the story however, did hook me in for the next issue. In closing moments, I mean the last 3 pages. Although not a bad issue, nothing to get blown away by either.

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